Faith Hill Talks Filming A Naked Bathtub Scene With Tim McGraw On The Yellowstone 1883 Set

Taylor Sheridan's Yellowstone franchise is known for a lot of things at this point in its run, and a lot of it involves brutal violence and Kelly Reilly's knack for dishing out F-bombs. But the Paramount Network western is also somewhat mildly recognized (at least more so than most popular TV dramas) for moments involving bathtubs and showers, both on and off the show itself. So I guess it’s no surprise to learn that the upcoming prequel spinoff 1883 will also showcase a bathing scene involving stars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw as the couple Margaret and James Dutton. And it sounds like Hill wasn’t exactly foaming at the mouth to bring such a revealing sequence to life. 

Going into arguably her biggest TV role to date, Faith Hill is no doubt excited to give viewers a chance to explore the Dutton family’s history, even if bathroom breaks were harder to come by due to the layers and layers of clothing she had to wear. And it turns out the most difficult day of filming for Hill also involved a bathroom. Speaking with People, Hill described her initial discomfort in filming a quiet moment featuring Margaret and James taking a bath together: 

It was really uncomfortable for me personally because I’m a very shy person in that type of situation. I obviously feel comfortable with my husband, but this is different. For intimate scenes, I feel like that belongs to us.

To be sure, it’s reported that Taylor Sheridan closed the set down that day so that the bath scene could be filmed with as few people around as possible, so that Hill and McGraw could be that much more comfortable with the situation. And that apparently helped, with Hill saying:

[And] it turned out to be beautiful.

1883 looks to be as big and expansive a prequel spinoff as it can get on TV these days, with a massive country-crossing production that will showcase the Duttons’ journey from Texas to Montana, along with their children and their guide Shea Brennan, played by the cowboy poster child Sam Elliott. No clue yet on whether or not fans can expect to see Elliott taking a dip in any hot springs himself.

It was very early in Yellowstone’s run when baths became a reference point, as Episode 102 featured a gleefully risqué scene with Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton double-fisting wine bottles and dropping her robe for an impromptu soak in one of the ranch’s water troughs, with little to no regard for all of the ranch hands around. (Much less Wes Bentley’s ever-uncomfortable Jamie.) Reilly’s on-screen love interest Cole Hauser also raised fans’ blood pressure a bit when he had his own trough bath to celebrate being part of People’s Sexiest Man Alive round-up in 2020, and those visuals came back around ahead of Season 4’s premiere in November. Might as well also bring up the bit from Episode 405 when John got out of a painful shower only to be shocked by Beth and her jokes about needing therapy

Check out the full-length trailer for 1883 below to see how filthy and in need of baths Faith Hill and Tim McGraw will get in the new series. 

1883 will arrive on Paramount+ on Sunday, December 19, giving audiences a bunch of fully bearded dudes to watch before that other bearded guy comes around for Christmas. The first two episodes will also air in a linear fashion on Paramount Network following new episodes of Yellowstone

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