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Forget Henry Cavill's Stache, His New Apple TV+ Movie Has A Look That's Even Wilder To Behold

Let’s go back in time for a moment, to the heady days of 2018. More specifically, we’re talking about the time when Henry Cavill captivated the world with his Cavill-stache in Mission: Impossible - Fallout. A look that certainly caught people’s eyes, and even impacted production on a certain superhero movie, it was an iconic piece of Cavill history. Well, brace yourselves folks, because his role in Matthew Vaughn’s Apple TV+ movie Argylle has a look that’s even wilder to behold.

Henry Cavill’s New Argylle Look, Revealed

We got our first look at the Apple distributed adaptation of author Ellie Conway’s unreleased book through a photo that was recently released into the world. Showing Henry Cavill and Dua Lipa embracing on camera, this new look was partially obscured by lighting in said image. However, another official source gave the world a better look at Cavill’s daring new look. Straight from the footage of Argylle included in the Apple Event clip reel, here’s what Henry Cavill’s new look entails:

Henry Cavill walks out of smoke in a green velvet jacket in Argylle.

(Image credit: Apple TV+)

It’s not exactly a bushy mustache that portrays moral ambiguity, but Cavill’s haircut is definitely something folks will be talking about. Looking like a military crew cut that’s reaching high to the sky, it’s definitely a bit jarring upon first glance. Upon looking at this new do over time, it absolutely fits the sort of madcap reality that Matthew Vaughn loves to inject into his espionage adventures. Think of Eggsy’s orange tuxedo in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, except instead of the clothing speaking loudest, it’s Henry Cavill’s hair. 

Cavill’s debonair nature surely isn’t undercut by this styling, as the small bit of Argylle voice-over we get from him in the clip reel is stone cold. Plus, it’s hard to be too focused on Henry Cavill’s hair when we’re also treated to our first look at other members of the cast, like Ariana DeBose, as well as more Dua Lipa footage. Everyone is so ridiculously good looking in this first glimpse, but of course, the internet has its own opinions to offer on this matter.

What The Internet Is Saying About Henry Cavill’s Argylle Haircut

While I am absolutely here for Henry Cavill’s new look, that’s not the opinion of every denizen of the internet. Once the Argylle madness started, people started to take to Twitter with their own thoughts. Surprisingly, it was a pretty mixed bag, starting with this absolutely pro opinion:

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Again, the magic of Dua Lipa dancing Henry Cavill into a gunfight seems to be working on people. Though this next opinion feels a bit mixed, as the exclamations could either be from massive hype levels, or the inability to explain just what sort of “help” this person is requesting:

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With Henry Cavill being a constant contestant in the James Bond betting odds, one has to wonder if Argylle might take him out of the running. Bond expert and author Mark O’Connell doesn’t seem to think so, as he also weighed in on this hair raising choice as follows:

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Then there’s the more negative side of the coin, which sees people more upset with a supposed injustice done to Henry Cavill’s scalp. Pulling a classic Godfather reference, this next tweet is a hard thumbs down on this experimental look:

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Last, but not least, what sort of public reaction would be complete without some light hearted humor. Closing out the reactions to Argylle’s styling of Henry Cavill is a very special nod that might just get Ryan Reynolds to once again poke fun at the internet discourse:

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At this point, we don’t even know when we’ll be seeing Argylle, as Apple TV+ hasn’t set a release date. Ellie Conway’s novel, however, is expected to be released this fall. So while we wait for further information on when Henry Cavill’s hair will grace our screens, we’ll just have to consult the 2022 movie releases to see what movies are already on the board. Or, you can see another wild entry in the world of Cavill style, as both seasons of The Witcher are currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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