Former Bachelorette Calls Colton Underwood ‘Rude’ As More Lying Accusations Come Out

Colton Underwood is shown on Coming Out Colton.
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If Colton Underwood, former lead of The Bachelor and star of the Netflix series Coming Out Colton, doesn’t want to be associated with the ABC franchise anymore, he certainly seems to be doing a decent job of burning those bridges. Days after former Bachelor Ben Higgins called Underwood out for lying about the support (or lack thereof) he received from Bachelor Nation after he came out, more of the datings shows' alum are speaking out, including The Bachelorette’s Tayshia Adams. 

Tayshia Adams was one of Colton Underwood’s final contestants on Season 23 of The Bachelor, later going on to lead her own season of The Bachelorette, and she is disputing the claims Underwood made on his new docuseries Coming Out Colton about their Fantasy Suite date. In one episode of the Netflix series, Underwood said during their overnight date on The Bachelor, he slept in sweatpants and a sweatshirt because he didn’t want to give Adams the wrong impression, as he put it. Adams directly addressed this claim on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, saying: 

It’s absolutely not true. I have no reason to lie. Why the hell would I lie?

Not a lot of wiggle room for error there in Adams' mind, understandably. She also doesn't understand why she was brought into the conversation at all, saying:

First of all, I think it's extremely rude. Don't make me seem like this pity case, like he felt so bad for me. Anyway, I'm not the only person he should be feeling bad for, there was other women that were trying to fall in love with you and really putting their hearts on the line, so if you feel bad for me in that regard, then sure.

Tayshia Adams said it was so hot in Portugal the night of their Fantasy Suite date that they had the doors wide open trying to get more air in the room, and that Colton Underwood slept in his boxers.

The door was wide open and it was raining outside and we were trying to get air ventilation, it was so hot and sticky. So there's actually no way he would have been in sweats and a sweatshirt.

The Bachelorette co-host said she doesn’t understand why Colton Underwood would feel the need to make up that untrue detail, saying she isn't aware of what he might be covering up for by saying such things. They had a good conversation and left things on a good note, so for this to be coming up after the fact, she said, “makes me so sad." 

Nick Viall, meanwhile, joined Ben Higgins in arguing against Colton Underwood’s claims that Chris Harrison was the only person from Bachelor Nation who reached out to him after Underwood came out as gay earlier this year. On his podcast The Viall Files, the Season 21 Bachelor read an exchange he had with Underwood from April 14, where Viall congratulated Underwood, and the former football player thanked him and said he was happy. Viall, like Tayshia Adams and Higgins, said he just didn’t understand why Underwood needed to lie.

It’s weird when people lie about little things they don’t need to lie [about] for attention.

Will fans soon hear about other Bachelor and Bachelorette vets coming forward with claims about Underwood? Will the now-Netflix star speak out defending himself in the near future? Neither scenario would be all that surprising at this point.

Coming Out Colton is available for streaming now on Netflix, and as the current season of The Bachelorette is about to come to a close, be prepared for more drama from The Bachelor when Season 26 premieres Monday, January 3, 2022, with Clayton Echard as the lead. Be sure to check out our 2022 TV Schedule to see what other shows are premiering in the coming year.

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