Former DWTS Pro Cheryl Burke Reunited With Tom Bergeron In Cute Pics, And More Than A Few Fans Had The Same Reaction

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With Dancing With the Stars rumored to make some big changes for next season and multiple longtime stars leaving, including judge Len Goodman and pro dancer Cheryl Burke, seeing some DWTS vets reunite is a joy. Burke recently reunited with former host Tom Bergeron, and some fans had quite the reaction.

Cheryl Burke and Tom Bergeron had a sweet reunion recently, and Burke posted some fun photos from it on Instagram. Although Bergeron departed from the dancing series a few seasons ago, it seems like he has stayed close to the pro dancer, and it was like no time had passed:

Burke and Bergeron weren’t the only ones happy about the reunion. The post was soon flooded with comments from fans yearning for what used to be. the.real.susie.q even wished for a new show with just the two of them, noting that host Tyra Banks just isn’t cutting it for them:

Can you two do your own show celebrity dance?? I can’t watch DWTS anymore! Tyra is not right for the show.

While it has only been a few seasons since Tyra Banks took up the hosting duties from Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews, she has seen more than a couple of controversies throughout the show already. Especially following the move to Disney+, some fans think the show hasn’t been the same since Bergeron and Andrews departed, including hoegie12:

It has not been the same since he left.

Then there’s also chach1006, who directly said that DWTS just went downhill after Bergeron was no longer host:

DWTS went down hill once Tom left so sad

Meanwhile, some fans are simply holding on to hope that Tom Bergeron will return to DWTS someday, and even hoping more that that someday is in September 2023, to be exact, like orlee_pena:

Ask him if he’s available September 2023…. Preferably Mondays 👀

Tom Bergeron hosted Dancing With the Stars for the first 28 seasons of the series, with Erin Andrews joining beginning in Season 18. The dynamic duo quickly turned into beloved co-hosts for 10 seasons, and both departed the dancing show at the same time. The exit definitely still sings, and some fans aren’t happy with their replacements, as petebotos pointed out:

He and Erin were the best hosts. They never should have been replaced. I wasn't happy with who replaced them.

Although their exits were a bit premature for many fans who didn't want to see them go, both Bergeron and Andrews had nothing but nice things to say when Alfonso Ribeiro was announced to join Tyra Banks as a co-host for Season 31. So while they may not have the best feelings about the way they left things, it’s nice that they don’t have any hard feelings about who replaced them. 

As for Cheryl Burke, it’s especially nice to see her with Tom Bergeron since she recently left DWTS herself. Burke penned a sentimental statement following the Season 31 finale after Charli D’Amelio won the Mirrorball. We can only guess if Burke and Bergeron reflected on their time on DWTS, and who knows? Maybe they even discussed the possibility of returning to the Disney+ show in the future. 

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