Hilary Duff Talks Kissing John Corbett On HIMYF Years After He Played Her Teenaged Mentor In Another Project

Hilary Duff in How I Met Your Father
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Spoilers ahead for the Season 2 premiere of How I Met Your Father!

Hilary Duff is back for the second season of How I Met Your Father, and this time it has double the episodes as the first season. As her character, Sophie, continues trying to find “the one” on the Hulu series, she is going to be dating guys that you may not expect, and that includes someone a bit older. Now Duff is opening up about having John Corbett play her older lover, after he played a very different role in a movie with her a while ago.

Hardcore fans of Hilary Duff may remember the very underrated movie she did in 2004 called Raise Your Voice. The film saw her teenage character go to a music program after her brother’s death, against her father’s wishes, and John Corbett played her mentor and teacher. Fast-forward 19 years and the two are going to be playing love interests in HIMYF!

In a new interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the actress discussed that very topic. The two playing love interests when Duff was a teenager of course didn't happen, but she is now 35 to Corbett's 61. Now that Duff is older, she had a fun response to Meyers pointing out that he'd once played her teacher. She said: 

He sure did! And now we are smooching it up. [It would have been] very, very bad. It did not happen then. She’s 35 now. It’s cool.

With Sophie trying to find the love of her life, it was only just a matter of time before she decided to date someone older after finding people her age wasn’t exactly working. The fact that her new beau is someone who used to portray Duff’s teacher is definitely a bit unexpected, but stranger things have happened. What episode he comes in and for how long is unknown, but that is definitely something to look forward to as the season goes on. Check out the full interview for yourself:

Meanwhile, John Corbett is not the only big name worth talking about who will pop up during Season 2 of How I Met Your Father. The premiere episode ended on a shocker when Sophie accidentally hit a car in front of her. The person who stepped out was none other than Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson. It should be interesting to see what will happen when his storyline finally comes into play and if any other HIMYM stars will reprise their roles for the second season.

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