Twitter User Gets Roasted After Saying Hilary Duff ‘Still’ Looks Great At 35

Hilary Duff has been a well-known face on our screens since Lizzie McGuire won our hearts while navigating the struggles of adolescence over 20 years ago. Since then we’ve continued to watch the actress, as she moved on to movies and shows including two Cheaper by the Dozen flicks, Younger, Gossip Girl and most recently as part of the How I Met Your Father cast. The mom of three shared some fun pics last week from a swimsuit photo shoot, prompting one Twitter user to proclaim that she’s “still looking great” at 35. 

Many of Duff’s fans didn’t appreciate the implications of the comment and fired back with some roasts of their own. Let’s take a look at what went down:

Hilary Duff Posted Some New Pics. Then A Tweet Went Viral  

The whole thing started when Hilary Duff shared some photos to her Instagram from a Women’s Health Magazine cover shoot that she did earlier this year. She thanked all who had been involved, even saying she’d gotten to keep the blue one-piece. Check out the pics: 

Too bad she admitted that she can’t find the swimsuit! There were lots of complimentary responses to the fun post, but one comment started getting attention for an unfavorable reason. 

Fans Could Not Stop Roasting The Hilary Duff Tweet 

The Twitter account Daily Loud reposted a couple of shots, commenting that the actress was “still looking great at age 35,” with fire and exclamation point emojis. Many people seemed to take issue with the sentiment, and particularly the use of the word “still,” with one commenter pointing out that 35 isn’t as ancient as the comment made it sound: 

‘Still’ is so funny cause is she 103? She’s literally still young and fioneee as ever lmao

In fact, a number of people responded to the viral tweet, blasting the Twitter user over the perceived shock at Hilary Duff’s photos: 

  • Why do you say that like 35 is some super old age ? – @ClassicFresca
  • wow, 35, incredible, the field of geriatric aesthetics continues to amaze – @DoubleEmMartin
  • This question exactly. Why is ‘still’ used on a woman who is 35 but we'd never do the same to a man like say Leonardo DiCaprio? – @valhallaone1
  • Do you think women dry up like raisins at 35 ?? What headline is this? – @gothbabyxoxo
  • Jesus I didn't even know people lived that long – @nickthorpe888

The original poster of the comment saw the backlash the tweet was causing and chose to address it. However, instead of possibly admitting they’d made an error or acknowledging the complaints of the commenters, they decided to go a different route. 

Twitter User Doubles Down After Viral Duff Comment 

The Daily Loud poster seemed to have missed the point of their critics, and in response to the viral attention, they doubled down and added more qualifiers to the comments about Hilary Duff. The comment read: 

I said this woman looked gorgeous for having 3 kids at 35 years old. You can’t even compliment a woman anymore without someone being ‘upset’… cancel culture crazy but hey thanks for the press 🙏🎉

That, of course, did nothing to ebb the flow of comments, as Twitter users continued to try to explain their frustrations, with one saying

Also - could you please tell me what women with 3 kids at 35 look like? Utterly ridiculous. You absolutely didn’t make it any better by adding that.

A word of advice: Nobody should try to answer that question. As for Hilary Duff, fans will be able to see more of her on the small screen, when How I Met Your Father returns for Season 2. The first season is available to stream for those with a Hulu subscription, and be sure to check out our 2023 TV schedule to see what else is coming up in the new year. 

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