How Netflix And The Outer Banks Cast Celebrated The Show’s Season 3 Renewal

The main cast of Outer Banks.
(Image credit: Netflix)

Just in time for the holidays, Netflix has renewed anotherone of its popular original series! Recently, the streamer announced that drama Outer Banks is getting a third season, and the cast is celebrating in a sweet way!

Netflix made the Season 3 announcement on Twitter with the help of multiple cast members holding up victorious three fingers in celebration. Season 2 aired back in July on the streamer, so any type of announcement of a third season has been a long time coming, and fans and the cast are definitely excited. Check out the video below!

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It’s always so sweet seeing the cast of shows get involved with announcing to fans that news seasons are on the way. It just proves how much the series means to them, and it definitely gets fans even more excited. When stars Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline broke up earlier this year, it was a little hard to tell how things might pan out if the show did get renewed, since that'll certainly be a little awkward for the two stars. Of course, it looks like they are just as excited as anyone else to come back, so here's hoping things play out smoothly behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, there is no word on when the third season will premiere, or how many episodes it will have. The first two seasons had 10 episodes each, so it’s likely Season 3 will feature that many as well. As for what will happen with John B and Sarah following Stokes and Cline’s breakup, it’s unknown considering the two characters are love interests. But they are professionals, and just reunited at the People's Choice Awards on December 7, so hopefully there are no hard feelings between the two of them. 

The killer mystery drama first premiered on Netflix in April 2020, and people immediately fell in love with the series for its breezy YA drama and mysteries. However, not everything about Outer Banks was positive. Towards the end of the year, it was revealed that a lawsuit was filed against Netflix and creators Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke. The lawsuit claimed that the creators ripped off its murder-mystery plotline from the 2016 novel Pennywise: The Hunt for Blackbeard’s Treasure! 

There currently isn’t much known about the lawsuit as of now, but with a third season in the works, it looks like Netflix has the upper hand here. The platform has dealt with lawsuits before and with how big the company is, fans shouldn’t have to worry about anything happening to the drama.

It’s interesting to note how long it took Netflix to renew Outer Banks, seeing as how the show has always been pretty popular on the streamer. Other fans, however, are still waiting on news on other Netflix Originals that have yet to hear any sorts of announcements, like Julie and the Phantoms. (HINT HINT) Hopefully this will kick off some sort of renewal or cancellation wave for the streamer, and that it’s all good news.

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