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How To Watch The Fifty Shades Of Grey Movies Streaming For Free

Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele date in Fifty Shades Darker
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If you pay attention to pop culture, you will surely remember a time when just about all anyone could talk about was Fifty Shades of Grey. The first in a trilogy, the erotic romance novel by E.L. James pretty much set the world on fire upon its release in 2011, with its tale of the growing relationship between a college senior and a young, rich businessman being filled with explicit sex that leaned heavily into BDSM practices alternately shocking or delighting (or, sometimes doing both) many who read the book or even just heard about it. 

That adaptation, which starred Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele and Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey and debuted in 2015, went on to be a massive hit, with its sequels (Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed) helping the franchise as a whole make over $1.3 billion worldwide and go on to be one of the biggest R-rated franchises in history. And, if you would either like to revisit the viewing experience of watching Ana and Christian fall in love as he helps the young woman begin to explore her submissive side, or indulge for the very first time, you can now watch all of the Fifty Shades of Grey movies streaming for free, on an ad-supported streamer. Below, we’ll break down how you can do just that for each film, so let’s get to it!

How To Watch Fifty Shades Of Grey Streaming

Ah, yes. The story that started it all. Fifty Shades of Grey was based on the very first novel in James’ trilogy (though there are several differences), where we followed along with the tale of Anastasia Steele’s sexual awakening at the hands (and floggers…and restraints…) of Christian Grey. The movie was a box office hit and made major stars out of now friends Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, despite much of the reception for the film going in the same direction as that of the novel which inspired it. Luckily for you, IMDb TV now has the film as a part of its library of free movies available to stream.

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How To Watch Fifty Shades Darker Streaming

In 2017, Fifty Shades Darker came along to make sure that everyone could keep the party going. The stars returned to their roles, and we watched as Ana and Christian’s relationship grows while he opens up to her about his traumatic past, and they face threats from outside forces. Because IMDb TV knows what it’s doing, you can also stream the second movie in the trilogy for free on the site.

Watch Fifty Shades Darker streaming on IMDb TV (Free with Ads). (opens in new tab)

How To Watch Fifty Shades Freed Streaming

What would the first two Fifty Shades movies be without 2018's Fifty Shades Freed? Incomplete, that’s what! This sees the conclusion to the story of Ana and Christian’s BDSM-heavy romance, with Johnson and Dornan once again returning to their roles for the finale, which sees the couple deal with yet more dangers from their past. You know what I’m going to say next, right? Head on over to IMDb TV to wrap up your streaming binge of the franchise!

Watch Fifty Shades Freed streaming on IMDb TV (Free with Ads). (opens in new tab)

There you have it! The complete guide for how you can watch all of the Fifty Shades of Grey movies streaming. Enjoy the pleasure…and the pain!

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