Looks Like The Tomorrow War 2 Is Happening, So Bring On The Chris Pratt Action

Following a huge streaming debut for the Chris Pratt-led science fiction movie The Tomorrow War, it looks like the Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy star could have another franchise on his hands. With barely a week since the film’s release, there are reportedly discussions in the works about a second Tomorrow War movie led by Amazon Studios, Skydance and Paramount.

The creative team that brought the action movie about an apocalyptic alien war is apparently involved in continuing with The Tomorrow War 2, per Deadline. It has not yet been confirmed by the studio or those involved, but reportedly director Chris McKay, writer Zach Dean along with the main cast including Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski, Betty Gilpin, Edwin Hodge, Sam Richardson and J.K. Simmons could be involved in continuing the franchise.

This past week, Chris Pratt has shared his pride for The Tomorrow War’s commercial success, calling it the “number one film in America.” The movie reportedly was seen by 2.41 million households during the Independence Day four-day weekend on Amazon Prime Video. It’s an impressive number and it’s not surprising that it could be enough to convince the executives behind the film to want to move forward with a second movie.

While The Tomorrow War was originally set to hit theaters in 2020, Amazon Studios bought the movie from Paramount for an alleged $200 million. The movie traded a box office debut for a massive streaming debut along with being warmly received by audiences – critics however did not love it, including CinemaBlend’s own Mike Reyes, who called it a “disastrous waste of time” in our review.

The Tomorrow War was Chris Pratt’s first executive producer credit on a feature film. Over on his Instagram, Pratt recorded a video message to fans of the film to thank them for watching the movie. He called the movie his “baby” as he shared his gratitude for its instant success:

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The movie’s director Chris McKay has spoken about some potential ideas for The Tomorrow War prior to this report. He said this to ComicBook:

I think that a sequel could go in a lot of fun areas and the ethnographic study of the Whitespikes in their world and where they came from, and what their purpose was, and all of that kind of thing. So yeah, I think that could be a lot of fun. And with this cast, too, we’re just getting started.

It certainly sounds like more Tomorrow War was already on their minds. The movie introduces an apocalyptic event which must be rewritten in order to no longer exist. As we know from movies like Back to the Future, Terminator or the MCU, timeline changes in movies don’t always end how its characters think it will and can spill a whole new set of problems one might not expect. It would be interesting to see Chris Pratt’s character and the rest of the cast reprise their roles following the movie’s ending.

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