Janet Hubert Reviews The First Will Smith Movie She’s Seen In Years After Reconciling With Her Fresh Prince Co-Star

Will Smith and Janet Hubert for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
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The lovefest between Janet Hubert and Will Smith has continued after the two former co-stars reconciled last year. The niceties have led to them keeping open communication. Another sign the reconciliation went well was Hubert seeing her first Smith-headlined film in years. In doing so, the Fresh Prince alum decided to review her co-star’s latest release King Richard.

Will Smith and the biopic have received an avalanche of praise from critics and audiences along with gaining considerable Oscar buzz. Of course, all this praise led to Janet Hubert wanting to see her former co-star’s King Richard performance. Like many viewers, Hubert took to Twitter to let her followers know what she thought of the film. During her review, she made a shocking admission about seeing the Smith-led biopic.

I’m going to admit this, and I was not wanting to admit this but I’m going to admit this. I saw my first Will Smith movie and y’all know why, all that. All that’s over. I’m going to tell you something: it made me laugh, it made me cry, I was at the edge of my seat. I was one of those little Black girls who loved playing Tennis

Look at what reconciliation could do for a biopic? Before The Fresh Prince reunion, Janet Hubert’s review might’ve been a bit different. It was nice that she could relate to the story that unfolded in King Richard. But like most critics and moviegoers, Hubert couldn’t help but heap praise on Will Smith for his performance.  

Will, you did a great job. You were stellar as an actor. You made me hurt with you.

Hubert’s review was a sharp contrast from her response to Jada Pinkett Smith’s previous Oscar boycott. Janet Hubert seemed to connect with Will Smith’s King Richard performance. For many viewers, like Hubert, Smith became Richard Williams. Her review proved the two co-stars have moved on from their notorious feud after her exit.

Along with keeping open communication with each other, Will Smith and Janet Hubert have been trading pleasantries in interviews. Hubert felt connected with Smith after he talked about their reunion experience on Red Table Talk. Having that emotional reunion catalyzed the Hollywood star to write his best-selling memoir Will. He heaped praise and love on the original Aunt Viv when speaking about her contributions to his life. Thankfully, they are in a better place as they continue to heal from their time on the classic sitcom.

Between his memoir and the acclaimed biopic, Will Smith has been on a roll with his openness. Of course, audiences can see what Janet Hubert saw in Smith’s performance by watching King Richard on HBO Max and in theaters. Smith isn’t the only one who’s busy as Hubert can currently be seen on Love Life Season 2 on HBO Max.

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