King Richard Streaming: How To Watch The New Will Smith Movie

Will Smith and his co-stars in King Richard
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Will Smith is no stranger when it comes to portraying real-life people and bringing their stories to the forefront in various biographical dramas. In the past, he’s played boxing legend Muhammad Ali in Ali, Chris Gardner in The Pursuit of Happyness, and Bennet Omalu in the sports drama Concussion, each of which earned the Fresh Prince a great deal of praise and multiple awards nominations. 

Now it looks like the Hollywood leading man will do it once again with King Richard, the new biopic that tells the story of Richard Williams and his journey to turn his daughters into two of the most successful athletes of all time: Venus and Serena Williams. Best of all, you can watch King Richard streaming from the comfort of your home, and here’s how…

Where To Watch King Richard Streaming

Just as has been the case for all the other Warner Bros. 2021 releases, King Richard will be streaming (as of November 19) on HBO Max for those who can’t make it out to their local theater. But, make haste, because the new Will Smith sports biopic is only available on the streaming platform for 31 days upon its release. 

It should also be noted that only those HBO Max subscribers with the ad-free model can watch King Richard streaming during this month-long period. Those who have the less expensive, ad-supported HBO Max plan aren’t entirely out of luck, as the movie, like the other Warner Bros. day and date releases, will return to the platform in the future.

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When Will King Richard Be On HBO Max For Good

If you end up missing King Richard during its initial run for one reason or another, don’t worry, because you will have plenty of opportunities to watch the biographical drama and relive Venus and Serena Williams’ formative years when the movie returns to HBO Max in a few months’ time. Although an exact date has not yet been revealed as to when we’ll see the title return to the streaming platform, we can use previous 2021 releases to help us guess. 

So far, all of the Warner Bros. 2021 movies have come back to HBO Max anywhere from four to five months after their initial release date. In The Heights initially debuted in June 2021, and then was added back to the streaming service in late October 2021, a break of only a little more than four months. If King Richard takes a similar route, we can expect to see the new Will Smith movie return at some point in late March or early April 2022.

Other Will Smith Movies Streaming On HBO Max

But, what if you want to watch some of the best Will Smith movies after checking out King Richard? Well, HBO Max is a great place to turn for some of the box office giant’s biggest hits from various stages of his career. Whether it’s Independence Day, Bad Boys, or Six Degrees of Separation, we’ve got you covered.

Stream Bad Boys on HBO Max. (opens in new tab)
Stream Bad Boys II on HBO Max. (opens in new tab)

Stream Independence Day on HBO Max. (opens in new tab)
Stream I Am Legend on HBO Max. (opens in new tab)
Stream Six Degrees of Separation on HBO Max. (opens in new tab)

This should be more than enough to get you all set up for a Will Smith movie night, but if you want to know what else is coming to theaters and streaming services, check out our list of all the upcoming 2021 new movie releases.

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