Kenan Thompson Reveals When Good Burger 2 Will Likely Hit Paramount+, Shares Cameo Hopes (Including Harry Styles)

Kenan Thompson making Dexter's face from Good Burger
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Who would have predicted that St. Patrick’s Day 2023 would be most memorable to ‘90s fans for being the date when Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell revealed Good Burger 2 to the world on The Tonight Show, complete with a peek at what host Jimmy Fallon would be like as Ed’s possible father. (Answer: kinda like what you’d think, but with major Ted Logan vibes.) While the project is still in the early goings, Thompson made a surprise appearance at ‘90s Con during the event’s All That panel, giving the thousands in attendance an idea of when we might see the highly anticipated sequel hit Paramount+.

When Good Burger 2 Will Likely Premiere On Paramount+

While All That vet Amanda Bynes was set to appear at ‘90s Con in all her post-conservatorship glory, the actress and quasi-rapper wasn’t able to attend. And just when it seemed like Kel Mitchell, Lori Beth Denberg, and Danny Tamberelli would be a madcap trio for the Q&A panel, Thompson swooped in and made it a masterful quartet. After a bit of whooping and hollering, Good Burger 2 quickly became a most delicious topic of conversation, with the SNL star sharing the optimistic view that it’ll be out before the winter. In his words:

Yeah, we're shooting this summer, and it should be out, I would think, this year. Probably Thanksgiving-ish or something like that. Very exciting news.

The panel’s moderator noted that it was quite a quick turnaround between filming and release, similar to how the first film came together back in 1997. For Thompson, the quicker things happen, the better off everyone will be, considering we’ve all been waiting for a Good Burger sequel for all of the 21st century and then some. According to the Dexter portrayer:

I mean, hopefully it'll be shorter. People been waiting. We've been waiting. We want to get it done, and get it out so people can enjoy it, you know, and maybe do Parts 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Fast and Furious style.

If South Park’s creators can land a $900 million deal from then-ViacomCBS, then I gotta believe the Good Burger team can squeak out like $100 million for another 5 sequels to Kenan and Kel’s first team-up on the big screen. It’d be fun if they had the same plot trajectory as the F&F films, as ridiculous an uptick as that would be for the fast food workers. 

Kenan Thompson On Possible Good Burger 2 Cameos

Obviously you can't have a Good Burger movie (or any All That project in general) without some unpredictable yet memorable guest stars and cameo appearances. The script has likely been written already, with Kel Mitchell having shared a previous update when the movie wasn't yet confirmed for Paramount+, so one would assume there are cameo roles written in there for certain someones. But perhaps the producers  haven't yet locked down such roles, allowing for Kenan Thompson (and all of us) to ponder over who could show up. 

The first hint he gave was to look over at Lori Beth Denberg and Danny Tamberelli while saying:

I'll be looking for cameo phone calls from you two.

Which might sound exciting to me or you, but to the Pete and Pete vet, it was just a hilariously sore reminder that he never got the call about cameoing in the always rewatchable first Good Burger movie, with Denberg appearing along with All That's Josh Server. Amusingly enough, Thompson said it was a matter of who was contacted first, as opposed to anything else. In any case, we can likely expect to see these two in the mix.

After that, the sketch comedy record-breaker voiced a couple of big hopes for Good Burger 2 cameo spots, while also sharing one returning star he can all but guarantee. 

I keep saying Harry Styles. I just feel like it would be a real good one, know what I'm saying? One Direction. . . . Sinbad's definitely gonna be back. We will do what we can. Even if we gotta go to him, we will make sure we have something. I feel like Carmen, if she's available, might pop in. All our traditional favorites, I think. But you know, even like Barack Obama would be great.

Sinbad's name earned a huge burst of cheers from the crowd, as many would love to see Mr. Wheat again, even knowing that wish comes with some complications. The comedian suffered a stroke in November 2020 that left him unable to walk for an extended stretch, though that's something he's worked hard to reverse in recent months. As such, it's hard to know if and how an appearance would work, but Thompson seems willing to do whatever it takes. 

Carmen Electra, meanwhile, is currently raking in the dough fulfilling OnlyFans requests, which could make her less likely to reappear in the youth-geared comedy. However, Electra loves to post throwback shots on social media, so maybe her appreciation for yester-year will be enough to make her want to. And here's hoping they reach out to all the other big names from the first movie. 

When asked why he namechecked Harry Styles as a Good Burger 2 guest before Barack Obama, Thompson answered in quite the practical way, saying:

I feel like, I have a contact to Harry. Barry might be a little tougher.

Speaking of tough, waiting until at least Thanksgiving for Good Burger 2 is going to feel like the most stretched-out timespan. Thankfully, there's always Good Burger to already watch with Paramount+, along with a bunch of the best Nickelodeon shows of all time. And don't forget to keep an eye out for more news about the next '90s Con heading to Florida later this year.

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