Carmen Electra Reveals One Of The OnlyFans 'Requests' She Gets All The Time

In the last few years, OnlyFans has truly emerged as a platform where people can make serious money, and that includes celebrities. Carmen Electra is one of the many who’s made the jump to the site, and she seems to have found a fair amount of success. One of the reasons why this is the case is because the starlet doesn’t mind fulfilling her consumer’s requests – to a reasonable extent, of course. Electra has been very open about her work on the platform and has now revealed one of the most common requests she receives. 

It’s only natural that OnlyFans clients would have specific interests for the content they pay for. I mean, just about everyone has that one thing that really turns them on. In Carmen Electra’s case, there’s a specific part of her anatomy that her customers really enjoy, and it sounds like she doesn’t mind obliging their requests:

And I love connecting with my fans. Sometimes they have requests. The fans love feet! It is so much fun. I don’t know why I didn’t do this a year ago.

It may sound strange, but there are definitely a number of folks out there who have foot fetishes. (Whatever floats your boat, I suppose.) And you can’t blame the Baywatch alum for capitalizing on that while crafting and selling her content on the highly popular site. While this is a somewhat unconventional way to interact with one’s fanbase, the actress further told Bustle that she appreciates the site for the level of personal freedom that it allows her:

Hollywood is changing. We can look up to women like J.Lo and think, ‘Wow, she looks gorgeous. She just got married. She’s living her best life.’ It’s inspiring. And I want to be inspiring too, hopefully. You should feel comfortable in your own skin and live the life you want to live. OnlyFans fits in perfectly because I am the creative director of my own shoots, on my own time. There’s nothing out there that I haven’t approved.

Carmen Electra joined OnlyFans earlier this year and explained that she was doing so because she wanted “opportunity to be [her] own boss and have [her] own creative vision” that she could share with fans. What Electra seems to love about the site most of all is that it’s a “safe place” where one can share their content on their own terms and have fun doing it. Funny enough, Baywatch alum Donna D’Errico shared a bikini post to signify that she was joining as well, which solidifies the assumption that the 50-year-old Electra is at the forefront of a growing trend.

The Scary Movie alum’s rise on the platform could arguably be attributed to her appearance on ESPN’s The Last Dance, where she regaled viewers with a story about ex-husband Dennis Rodman. After the show aired, Carmen Electra’s searches on PornHub went up in a big way and, around that same time, Electra posted some swimsuit photos that got some major buzz. Most who look at those photos or the sports docuseries would probably agree that Electra hasn’t aged one bit

Because of the professional momentum she’s built up as of late, the actress could parlay it into other ventures, like a reality TV franchise. What she does with this reignited fame moving forward remains to be seen but, at present, she’ll likely continue to relish the experiences she’s having on OnlyFans.

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