Midnight Mass Creator Drops An A+ Seinfeld Reference After Co-Star Reacts To Netflix Horror's Emmy Snubs

Rahul Kohli as Sheriff Hassan in Midnight Mass
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The nominations for the 2022 Emmy Awards have been announced, and the picks have been met with a combination of excitement – like for Rhea Seehorn finally getting a nomination for Better Call Saul and Quinta Brunson’s Abbott Elementary getting some love – and frustration. Midnight Mass co-star Rahul Kohli took to social media to vent his feelings about the Netflix horror being snubbed from the major categories, and creator Mike Flanagan’s reaction was pure Seinfeld.

Midnight Mass debuted on Netflix as Mike Flanagan’s newest limited horror series back in September of 2021, and it left such an impression on fans that many wanted to see some awards recognition. While the show was nominated for Outstanding Sound Editing for a Limited Series, what about all the other Limited Series categories? Rahul Kohli, who played Sheriff Hassan, vented his feelings about the snub, and got a reaction from Mike Flanagan: 

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Kohli didn’t mince words about believing that the show deserves some recognition, and called out that co-star Hamish Linklater (who played Father Paul) was “especially” snubbed. I think there are plenty of Midnight Mass fans who can agree with his sentiment of “What a load of old shit,” but Mike Flanagan simply went for a gif of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Elaine and Jerry Seinfeld’s Jerry shrugging from an episode of Seinfeld

Whether Flanagan picked the gif because he’s a diehard fan of the iconic sitcom or because he found it in the Twitter library and the shrug fit with how he was feeling about the snubs, posting it as his reaction seems to speak a thousand words. Kohli responded to the tweet by saying that the creator “made one of the best shows of the decade,” and that he’s “pissed on your behalf” even though Flanagan himself doesn’t care about these things. 

The creator did get a bit wordier with a tweet of his own to address the snubs, as he had a message to fans in the wake of the Emmy nominations: 

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While Netflix subscribers who were impressed by Midnight Mass beyond its sound editing won’t get to see the horror compete against Dopesick, The Dropout, Inventing Anna, Pam & Tommy, and The White Lotus in the Outstanding Limited Series Category, Mike Flanagan made it clear that he appreciates all the outcry on behalf of the show. It’s not the same as Hamish Linklater taking home a trophy or any of the other stars getting well-deserved recognition, but it’s something!

Plus, Mike Flanagan isn’t out of projects that are coming to Netflix to undoubtedly deliver some thrills and chills. The Midnight Club is his next streaming series, and the first look indicates that viewers are in for something chilling when it premieres in October. Following The Midnight Club, Flanagan’s next show is The Fall of the House of Usher, which recently wrapped production (and will feature Rahul Kohli as part of the stacked cast).

For now, you can always watch and rewatch the seven episodes of Midnight Mass streaming on Netflix. If you’re like me, you just may want to stock up on the tissues before you get to the finale!

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