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Netflix Cheer Season 2 Star Lexi Reveals Why She Abruptly Exited The Show

Netflix’s popular docuseries Cheer first came onto the stage in 2020 and highlighted one of the most competitive cheer programs in the country at Navarro College in Texas. It quickly became a favorite among audiences and the second season finally hit the streamer over two years later, addressing some allegations and taking the team back to Daytona with plenty of emotions. That said, it was without some fan-favorite tumblers and stunters, including Lexi Brumback.

The Texas native quickly became a favorite and was noted as one of the best on the Navarro cheer team. While she did come back in Season 2 following her removal from the team in Season 1 after she was caught drinking, she ultimately made the choice to not return to have another shot at Daytona once the COVID pandemic cut the 2019-20 season short. Coach Monica Aldama’s reasoning for Brumback not coming back was brief, just that she "isn't here." Now Brumback is opening up about her reason to leave Navarro Cheer with MySanAntonio, and it just makes sense:

It was really hard to juggle it all when COVID hit. I started falling behind in my classes, and then I wasn't eligible to compete at Daytona anymore.

When the world changed in spring 2020, it was definitely a hard new normal to get used to. Season 2 of Cheer quickly went from getting ready for nationals in Daytona to saying goodbye to friends and hard work. It’s not surprising that Lexi Brumback didn’t want to come back, even following the charges against another fan-favorite, Jerry Harris, but the team was not the same without her. 

While Brumback is eligible to return to Navarro Cheer once again, she’s ready to move past her cheerleading days and finally push towards art, her actual passion, with dreams of going to art school. The former cheerleader is set to release some merchandise with her art on it and she says that while she has some new focuses, Navarro will always be with her:

I really want to put all of my focus into my dreams. I love cheer, but that's not the career path that I want to take with my life. Whenever I'm at Navarro, every single day is dedicated to cheer. It's hard to put your focus into anything else. I will go back to visit my Navarro babies and cheer them on because Navarro will definitely always be a part of who I am.

Even though Lexi Brumback’s time with Navarro Cheer and the series seems to be permanently done, she will never be done with it or the memories and friends she’s made because of it. Who knows? Maybe Brumback can put her art passion towards creating new merch for the cheer team? It would be a great way to still be part of it while also focusing on her dreams. Whatever the case, I’m happy Brumback has found what truly makes her happy, and hope that she goes far with it! 

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