Netflix's Bridgerton Season 2 Trailer Makes It Sound Like Lady Whistledown Will Be Meaner Now

Well, dear readers, after well over a year since we’ve been able to feast our eyes on some of the sexiest sex scenes ever put to film for a Regency-set romantic drama, the Netflix hit, Bridgerton, is finally getting closer to its premiere date on the streamer. And, with that, we now have a trailer to help whet our boundless appetites for its bright colors, big wigs, and low-cut bodices. As you can see from the short clip above, we are firmly back in the land of the Bridgerton brood. But! It absolutely sounds like Lady Whistledown will be way meaner this time around!

Why Does It Seem Like Lady Whistledown Will Be Meaner In Bridgerton Season 2?

We’ll get to some possibly less obvious reasons for this in a bit, but I think the main clue we have that Lady Whistledown will be trafficking in some meaner (and probably more salacious) gossip in Bridgerton Season 2, is what she tells us herself. The voice-over for the clip, which is only a little over one minute long, features our enterprising Lady announcing that she’s been “sharpening my knives for all of you,” with a loving reminder that society’s most notorious gossip queen is actually the young, largely ignored, Penelope Featherington.

As you will likely recall, Season 1 of Bridgerton saw pretty much everyone in the ton respect, fear, and devour the words of Lady Whistledown whenever her gossip sheet delivered a new issue. She always knew the most important matters about London’s seemingly prim and proper high society members, and never shied away from revealing their most delicious secrets when the time was right.

Of course, this led to a lot of people wondering (as she noted in the trailer) about her “identity and means,” with Queen Charlotte and Eloise Bridgerton being especially intrigued by her and trying really hard to uncover the truth of who she is. While there were some clues for the audience about who puts pen to paper to write under the pseudonym, it wasn’t until the Bridgerton Season 1 ending that good ol’ Penelope is revealed as the author while still leaving us with a number of questions.

Why Might Lady Whistledown Be Sharpening Her Knives In Bridgerton Season 2?

Penelope has not had the easiest time, OK? Not only did her (probably lifelong) crush, Colin Bridgerton, spend most of the first season chasing after her cousin, Marina, and almost marrying her, but he eventually took Pen’s suggestion (which was made only to get him away from Marina) to leave London and England overall, and travel abroad for a while. This, of course, means that Pen can’t even love Colin from afar…from nearby.

On top of that, her best friend is desperately attempting to unmask her (unbeknownst to Eloise), which could completely ruin her reputation and the livelihood she’s been making for herself as Lady Whistledown. This is not to mention ruining their friendship when Eloise realizes Pen both kept a big secret from her best buddy and also gossiped a whole bunch about her family.

She’s also the most dismissed of the main Bridgerton cast, and that will likely continue in the new season. So, it sounds a bit like Penelope Featherington will be using her gossipy alter ego for more than spreading all the news folks would rather others not know, and might start using Lady Whistledown as a way to get back at a society that makes fun of and ignores her. But, if she’s found out at the end of the season, it could make for a heavy Season 2 finale.

Bridgerton Season 2 hits Netflix on March 25, but until then you can see what else is debuting with the 2022 Netflix TV schedule, check out all of the 2022 TV premiere dates, and see what other upcoming romantic TV shows are on the way! 

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