Netflix’s Cheer Star Reveals What It’s Like To Watch Yourself On TV For The First Time

Jada Wooten on Cheer
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Season 2 of Netflix’s popular docuseries Cheer included some familiar faces as well as new ones, including Navarro College’s rival of Trinity Valley Community College. With the series highlighting both schools, fans got to see the inner workings of another incredible cheer team and get an inside look at the rivalry between the two programs. It also gave those on Trinity's team a chance to see themselves on TV for the first time, and tumbler and flyer Jada Wooten, as other cast members have, is opening up about her work on the show.

Jada Wooten is one of the star players on the Athens, Texas team, coached by Vontae Johnson. Viewers would probably agree that the young woman emerged as one of the most visible personalities on the show and greatly displayed her talents. Wooten spoke with TV Guide about competing on Trinity Valley's team as well as the difference between actually performing the cheers versus watching herself do them on TV. According to the athlete, it’s all about perspective:

It was awesome. The best part was seeing an outside perspective looking in on the Valley and competing, which was probably one of my favorite scenes when we were on the bandshell, because you don’t get that kind of perspective even as an athlete or a coach.

Cheer definitely gives outsiders a different view of the world of competitive cheerleading (some of which has drawn backlash) and, as you might expect, doing routines greatly differs from watching them. It’s interesting to hear what the cheer team member thinks of the series and how she feels about seeing that world through a different sort of lens. Her thoughts are totally understandable as, when you’re competing at Nationals in Daytona, you don’t really get to see a lot around you when you’re on that bandshell.

As for Jada Wooten's newfound fame, the college student says that her life hasn’t changed much, which is somewhat surprising. Throughout the second season, we got to see the Navarro team do occasional interviews, commercials, meet and greets and other things following the series' successful first season. And the athlete seems pleased that things haven't gotten too crazy:

It hasn’t changed drastically. I’m still going through the motions of my normal, everyday routine, just adding a couple of interviews here and there, but it’s going great.

It’s nice to know that Jada Wooten’s life hasn’t changed much. Aside from the fact that she is now on one of Netflix’s most popular series, of course. Even though Wooten is no longer cheering for Trinity Valley and instead at Sam Houston University, she can always use the Netflix show to look back on her time at her former school and her team's victory at the 2021 Nationals. While Jada Wooten may no longer be cheering for TVCC, it seems like the team will always hold a special place in her heart. Hopefully, there's a third season of Cheer that focuses even more on the Athens, Texas program and examines their lives post-Season 2. 

Cheer is definitely one of the best shows on Netflix right now, so do yourself a favor, and check it out! And if you're finished with it, you can check out similar shows. And be sure to check out CinemaBlend’s upcoming Netflix shows guide to see what else is coming to the streamer this year.

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