Netflix's Trivia Quest: Season 1 - Episode 12 Answers

Willie on Trivia Quest
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In Season 1, Episode 12 of the interactive animated series Trivia Quest on Netflix (inspired by the popular mobile gaming app Trivia Crack), Willie (voiced by Jonathan Melo) challenged audiences to a new round of questions about famous quotations to help defeat the bad guy, Rocky. Let’s take a look the correct answers for each question of today’s “Say What?” theme, in both Easy and Hard mode.

As we are about to get into the answers, there are obviously spoilers ahead! If you'd rather play today's game first, check out Trivia Quest on Netflix.

Trivia Quest Episode 12 Easy Mode Questions and Answers

History - Ronald Reagan Was In What German City In 1987 When He Said “Tear Down This Wall”? 
: Berlin
(Wrong answers: Paris, Rome and London)

Sports - In 2010, LeBron James said “I’m Going To Take My Talents To” What Florida Locale?
: South Beach
(Wrong answers: Hollywood, Beantown and Motown)

Science - Often Misquoted, What Astronaut Actually Said “That’s One Small Step For A Man …”?
: Neil Armstrong
(Wrong answers: Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein and Louis Pasteur)

Geography - In 2008, Who Memorably Said “You Can Actually See Russia From Land Here In Alaska”?
: Sarah Palin
(Wrong answers: Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and Dick Cheney)

Art - Andy Warhol Famously Said “In The Future, Everyone Will Be Famous For” How Long?
: 15 minutes
(Wrong answers: 6 seconds, A decade and All eternity)

History - Winning A Webby Award In 2005, What Former VP Said “Please Don’t Recount This Vote”?
: Al Gore
(Wrong answers: Newt Gingrich, Bob Dole and John McCain)

Sports - Admitting “I Didn’t Really Say Everything I Said,” Yogi Berra Play Ball For Whom?
: New York Yankees
(Wrong answers: Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Lakers and Edmonton Oilers)

Entertainment - What Reality TV Host Said “We’re All Born Naked And The Rest Is Drag”?
: RuPaul
(Wrong answers: Gordon Ramsay, Snooki and Simon Cowell)

Science - Regarding Humankind, Astronomer Carl Sagan Famously Said “We’re Made Of” What?
: Star stuff
(Wrong answers: Funky stuff, Ghostly stuff and Icy Stuff)

Geography - in 1942, Mahatma Gandhi Said “We Shall Either Free” Where “Or Die In The Attempt”?
: India
(Wrong answers: Panama, New Zealand and Greece)

Art - Often Credited With It, Arthur Conan Doyle Never Wrote “Elementary, My Dear” Who?
: Watson
(Wrong answers: Huck, Bilbo and Ishmael)

Trivia Quest Episode 12 Hard Mode Questions And Answers

History - Who Once Asked “How Can You Govern A County Which Has 246 Varieties Of Cheese”?
: Charles de Gaulle
(Wrong answers: Field Castro, Ho Chi Minh and Boris Yeltsin)

Sports - Who “Never Thought A Basketball Shoe Would Be Named After A Woman, Let Alone Me”?
: Sheryl Swoopes
(Wrong answers: Mia Hamm, Danica Patrick and Naomi Osaka)

Entertainment - Who Could Still Recite Ezekiel 25:17 Two Decades After “Pulp Fiction” Was Released?
: Samuel L. Jackson
(Wrong answers: John Travolta, Uma Thurman and Bruce Willis)

Science - Written In French By René Descartes, “I Think, Therefore I Am” Is What In Latin?
: Cogito ergo sum
(Wrong answers: Quid pro quo, In vino veritas and E pluribis unum)

Geography - Harry Truman Kept A Sign On His Oval Office Desk That Read “I’m From” Where?
: Missouri
(Wrong answers: California, Massachusetts and Texas)

Art - Michelangelo Said “I Saw The Angel In The” What “And Carve Until I Set Him Free”?
: Marble
(Wrong answers: Wood, Glass and Clay)

History - Who Said “The Arc Of The Moral Universe Is Long, But It Bends Towards Justice”?
: Martin Luther King Jr.
(Wrong answers: Mahatma Gandhi, Susan B. Anthony and Joan of Arc)

Sports - Muhammad Ali Joked “The Only Way I’ll Ever Get Licked” Was Being A What?
: Postage stamp
(Wrong answers: Lollipop, Oreo and Envelope)

Entertainment - Kelly Clarkson’s 2012 Hit “(Stronger) What Doesn’t Kill You” Roughly Quotes Who?”
: Friedrich Nietzsche
(Wrong answers: Confucius, Isaac Newton and René Descartes)

Science - Who Quipped “Two Things Are Infinite: The Universe And Human Stupidity”?
: Albert Einstein
(Wrong answers: Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking and Neil deGrasse Tyson)

Geography - What Did George Mallory Say in 1923 When Asked Why He Wanted To Climb Mount Everest?
: “Because it’s there”
(Wrong answers: “Why not?”, “To see the top” and “It calls to me”)

Art - “I Don’t Do Drugs. I Am Drugs” Is A Quote Attributed To What Painter
: Salvador Dali
(Wrong answers: Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo and Gustav Klimt)

Did you get all the questions in Episode 12 correct or did you need to replay a second time in order to help free Willie's friend from Rocky? Be sure to check back tomorrow for the outcome of the next episode of Trivia Quest on Netflix and, also, take a look at our 2022 Netflix TV show premiere dates schedule or our Netflix movie release schedule to see what else you can stream when you’re not playing the game!

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