Outer Banks Season 3: What We Know About The Netflix TV Show

The main cast of Outer Banks.
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One of Netflix’s biggest shows in the last couple of years has been Outer Banks. From its premiere back in 2020 when it dominated the Netflix charts, to the second season premiere in 2021, the show has continued to prove how loved it is by its fans. 

But, after a successful Season 2, which left plenty of questions, one can only wonder what Season 3 of the popular series might bring. But thankfully, we already know plenty about Season 3. Stay tuned, as we have some quick things about Outer Banks Season 3 that you might want to know.  

Outer Banks Season 3 Is Going To Premiere In February 2023

Two of the main stars of Outer Banks.

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Originally, Season 3 for Outer Banks was announced by Netflix on Twitter when the  streaming platform took to social media, but now it’s been confirmed when the show will come out – February, 2023. 

According to Deadline, the third season of the popular teen drama is premiering on February 23. That means that we can add this awesome premiere to our 2023 premiere schedule. Mark me down as super excited.    

Most Of The Main Cast Will Return

Two of the main stars of Outer Banks.

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As was expected, it’s been announced that most of the Outer Banks cast will be returning. The same Deadline article above gave a synopsis of the upcoming series, featuring the characters and actors that we all know and love. This includes Madison Bailey, Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Jonathan Daviss, Rudy Pankow, Charles Esten, and Drew Starkey. 

Also confirmed to star for Season 3 are Austin North, Cullen Moss, Caroline Arapoglou, Julia Antonelli, E. Roger Mitchell, Charles Halford, and Elizabeth Mitchell. 

It’s exciting to see everyone come back around for Season 3, and I can’t wait to see what else they do. 

Several New Cast Members Have Joined, Too

One of the stars of Outer Banks walking down stairs.

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While we do enjoy the cast members that we have grown to love over time, there’s always room for more in a show like Outer Banks. According to Deadline, three new cast members have signed on to the series – Andy McQueen, Fiona Palomo, and Lou Ferrigno Jr.

These three actors have done plenty already in movies and TV. McQueen appeared in shows such as Station 11 and Coroner. Palomo was a part of the Control z series, and had several other guest spots on TV shows. Ferrigno Jr. was most recently in S.W.A.T. and Stargirl. It’s super exciting to have new cast members join and I can’t wait to see what characters they play.  

Carlacia Grant Has Been Promoted To Series Regular

Carlacia Grant as Cleo in Outer Banks.

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Another great piece of news that came from the Deadline article regarding a new trailer for Season 3 was that Carlacia Grant, known for her character, Cleo, in Outer Banks, has been promoted to series regular, up from her past role as a recurring character. 

Grant spoke about her character in an interview with Hello Giggles in September 2021, and how she’s so excited for what Cleo has to offer and loves that the fans have loved her just as much as she has:  

I never thought people were going to like Cleo the way they do. She's such a badass character and doesn't give a heck about what anyone thinks. I didn't know if it was going to be too much, so I've been overwhelmed by the love. I'm really proud of that character; I love that she represents the West Indies and that she doesn't care and people love her for that.

I, for one, can’t wait to see where Outer Banks takes Cleo, and I’m super excited to see what else her story holds.  

The Plot Of Outer Banks Season 3 Sees The Pogues In Trouble

The flag of Pougelandia in Outer Banks.

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When the renewal for Season 3 of Outer Banks happened, fans were left wondering what on earth could be next for this show – especially after the massive cliffhanger that came with the Season 2 finale. But now, according to the January 2023 Deadline article, we have an idea of what Season 3 is going to be about. 

The island that the Pogues washed up on is now called “Poguelandia,” and everyone there is enjoying the sun, swimming, and having fun living without responsibilities, but all the characters we know and love end up finding themselves in a dramatic situation again when not only are they racing to find the treasure, but running for their lives as danger comes. They have no money, no allies, and plenty of people are on the hunt for them, including Ward and Rage. And now, they have to find a way to work together to somehow survive what is being thrown at them. 

In the teaser trailer that was released in September 2022, we do see plenty of fun stuff happening, from wild dog chases to car races and everything else in between, so the storyline for Season 3 looks like it’s going to be a fun time.

Jonathan Daviss Said Season 3 Is Ready To Answer 'Many Questions'

Jonathan Daviss in Outer Banks.

(Image credit: Netflix)

With all the questions I’m sure we all have about the ending of Season 2 of Outer Banks, Jonathan Daviss gave us the best response we can ask for right now - that we’re going to get answers. 

In an interview with his co-stars on Entertainment Tonight, Daviss, who plays Pope in Outer Banks, confirmed that Season 3 should deliver a lot of answers for the questions we have.  

There's so many questions that Season 3 is ready to answer that I'm just so excited for...All of a sudden you're asking yourself way too many questions. You're going back and looking at the season...It's questions on questions on questions.

Madison Bailey, who plays Kiara in the show, agreed with his sentiment about how she felt reading the script for the first time, saying that she needed to know everything. 

Now, with Season 3 on the way, hopefully their information was correct and we’ll get the answers to a lot of questions soon. 

Filming Wrapped In September 2022

One of the stars of Outer Banks dressed in a suit.

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Since there is a teaser for the new season, one can only wonder when filming started after it was initially announced that Season 3 was coming for Outer Banks. According to an Instagram post by assistant director Michael G. Jefferson, the third season of the show officially wrapped filming in September, 2022, and the news was accompanied by a picture of the crew behind the scenes. 

Josh And Jonas Pate, And Shannon Burke, Will Return As Outer Banks Showrunners For Season 3

Two of the main stars of Outer Banks.

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Per the Deadline article talking about the Season 3 trailer, we know that Josh and Jonas Pate, as well as Shannon Burke, are again going to act as the showrunners for Outer Banks Season 3. 

Watch The Teaser Trailer For Season 3 Of Outer Banks

Two of the main stars of Outer Banks in a cave.

(Image credit: Netflix)

Released at the Tudum event for Netflix in September 2022, a teaser is now available to give us a first look at Season 3 of the popular teen drama. The teaser trailer features some awesome shots of the Pogues on the run again – as well as them having the time of their lives. Truly, it’s going to be a season to remember, and I can’t wait. Check it out, below:

Now that we know when Season 3 is coming out, the excitement is building, and I still think we can all agree that this is one of the best teen drama shows yet. The twists, the romance, and everything else has me all in tangles. I can’t wait to see where it goes next!  

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