Purple Hearts: 6 Quick Things To Know About The Netflix Movie Before You Watch

Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine in Purple Hearts
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Those with a Netflix subscription know that they pretty much never lack new movies and TV shows to watch, regardless of what genre they prefer to indulge in. It’s also true that many of the new Netflix offerings arrive and are gobbled up by fans eager to dive into the latest and greatest films and series that the service has to offer, and that’s exactly what’s happened with one of the new movie releases, Purple Hearts. If you’ve been hearing about this 2022 Netflix movie schedule addition (which quickly landed at the top of the Netflix Top Ten movie chart, and doesn’t seem to be letting that position go any time soon), but aren’t quite sure if it’s for you just yet, we’re here to help! Here’s what you need to know about Purple Hearts before you watch!

Purple Hearts Is A Romance About A Struggling Songwriter And A Soldier

If you’re someone who enjoys romantic tales, then Purple Hearts might be for you. The story is a romance that focuses on the relationship between struggling songwriter Cassie Salazar (Sofia Carson) and Marine Luke Morrow (Nicholas Galitzine). Cassie is up to her vocal cords in debt and Luke is about to be deployed, and while the two dislike each other at the beginning, that soon changes in a big way.

Cassie And Luke’s Love Story Follows The Marriage Of Convenience Romance Trope

As we already know that Cassie and Luke are going to fall for one another, those of you who love romance novels should know that their story follows a classic romantic trope: the marriage of convenience. That’s right, Luke and Cassie agree to a marriage arrangement that they believe will benefit both of them, but that friendly-ish deal eventually turns into something much more.

It Gets Emotional, So You Might Need Tissues 

These two characters are not without trauma, as Luke and Cassie are each dealing with some heavy issues, and things that many audience members might be able to relate to. As such, things do get emotional in Purple Hearts from time to time, so you might want to keep some tissues handy if fictional people going through hard times chokes you up.

The Movie Is Nearly Two Hours Long

If you’ve looking to get a quick movie in before you head to bed, Purple Hearts might not be for you until you have a bit more time to dedicate to watching it. The film itself is nearly a full two hours long, and if you like to stick around and watch all of the end credits as I always do, you’re in for a full run time of a bit over two hours and four minutes.

The Story Is Based On A Book By Tess Wakefield

Should you want to know even more about the story behind Purple Hearts than what’s been described above, never fear, as the movie is actually based on a book by author Tess Wakefield. The story, which was originally published on April 25, 2017, is a work of fiction and was Wakefield’s first novel for adults. 

Sofia Carson And Nicholas Galitzine Star In The Movie

If you checked out the Purple Hearts trailer, you might be wondering where you’ve seen the actors portraying the main characters before. Sofia Carson (who plays Cassie) is a singer/actress who got her start on the Disney Channel, and has appeared in the Descendants franchise films and in shows like Descendants: Wicked World, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, and Famous in Love. Nicholas Galitzine (he’s Luke) played Prince Robert opposite Camila Cabello in 2021’s Cinderella cast, and has also appeared in The Craft: Legacy and the TV show, Chambers.

Hopefully, that’s everything you need to know so that you can decide on whether or not to watch Purple Hearts!

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