Bring The Tissues: Netflix Users Have Been Emotionally Wrecked By New Movie Purple Hearts, See Their Honest Responses

Purple Hearts
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Sometimes in life, you need a movie that’s going to destroy you — one that takes you completely out of whatever is going on in the real world and puts your emotions on a roller coaster of love, hate, tears, joy, and basically total annihilation. The best romance movies are often a good place to find that kind of entertainment, and Netflix subscribers seem to think Purple Hearts definitely fits the bill. Reactions on social media appear to show that viewers have been absolutely wrecked by the new movie since its release, but in the best way.

Purple Hearts hit the streaming service on Friday, July 29, and remained one of Netflix’s top movies through the weekend. Starring Sofia Carson as Cassie Salazar — a waitress and musician struggling to pay for insulin — and Nicholas Galitzine as Luke Morrow — a Marine off to fight in Iraq. The two devise a scheme to get married for the benefits before his deployment, and you can probably guess what happens next. Despite any predictability of the plot, this Twitter user said the film really hit the spot:  

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The movie is based on the 2017 book of the same name by Tess Wakefield. There are quite a few book-to-screen adaptations expected in 2022, and a good number of those projects are books being adapted for Netflix. While on-screen performances sometimes fail to capture the essence of the source material, many TikTok users are giving this production the book lovers’ stamp of approval:


♬ original sound - c.

The fake love story arc between Cassie and Luke apparently took its viewers on quite the journey, and some on social media — like this person — had a spoiler-free and not-overdramatic-at-all reaction: 

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Some people on Twitter were under the impression that they were just supposed to continue living their lives after watching that movie. Needless to say, one gets the feeling that such a thing isn't even possible following what they just experienced:

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While it probably wasn’t the goal of the film, some TikTokers found themselves with a new life goal — to fake marry a Marine. Check out this post:


♬ Come Back Home - From "Purple Hearts" - Sofia Carson

Purple Hearts seems to have all the tension and longing that one craves from a romance, and this Twitter fan says come for the enemies-to-lovers angst, stay for the forehead touching. Take a look:

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Even its soundtrack is apparently sob-worthy, it seems. This crying TikToker rates the movie a mathematically impossible 12/10. 


♬ Come Back Home - From "Purple Hearts" - Sofia Carson

From 11 critics’ reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, Purple Hearts garnered a below-average 27%. But the audience at large has spoken, and they're in disagreement. With over 100 audience votes, the movie has a rating of 84% fresh, and this Twitter user argues that you should stop what you’re doing and get to Netflix: 

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Purple Hearts is streaming on Netflix now and, if you come out of the viewing unscathed, be sure to check out our 2022 Netflix Movie Schedule to see what else is available for streaming.

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