Cinderella Cast: Where You've Seen The Actors Before, Including Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello in _Cinderella._

Billy Porter as Fab G in Cinerella.

There’s nothing quite like a good old Cinderella story. From the classic Disney animated feature to the 2015 live-action remake, Cinderella is a fairytale that has been redone several times in the media, whether that be through a classic retelling or a more modern version, like Another Cinderella Story. Which meant that it was only a matter of time before another was released, this time with an absolutely star-studded cast on Amazon Prime.

Whether or not this will be one of the best Amazon Prime movies is still unknown, but regardless, the Cinderella cast is filled with stars from all over, and I’m sure you have seen them somewhere before, especially the lead, Camila Cabello. If you’re scratching your head, wondering where they might have been seen (or heard) prior to their role, look no further than here.

Camila Cabello as Cinderella in Cinderella.

Camila Cabello (Cinderella)

The title character of Cinderella has to have a beautiful voice that could sing you to sleep, and I couldn’t think of anyone besides Camila Cabello to take on that role. The pop singer hasn't done anything acting-wise prior to her role in Cinderella, but you’ve probably seen her in a couple of music-themed films as guest spots and friends of other stars.

For example, she appeared alongside close friend Taylor Swift in two of her concert films, Taylor Swift: The 1989 World Tour Live and Taylor Swift: Reputation Stadium Tour. She also appeared in the Shawn Mendes Apple TV+ documentary, Shawn Mendes: In Wonder. Cabello has also made appearances in several TV shows as herself, starting off her career as a contestant on The X Factor, and appearing in other projects, such as One World: Together at Home, Saturday Night Live and more.

Hopefully, her first acting role will be a hit, and we'll get to see her in more projects soon enough.

Idina Menzel as Vivian in Cinderella.

Idina Menzel (Vivian)

As the evil stepmother, Vivian, you have to have an actress who can truly embody what it means to be a horrid person. I can’t think of anyone better than Idina Menzel, who came to prominence when she played probably one of the best known witches in pop culture - the Wicked Witch of the West, otherwise known as Elphaba - in Wicked.

Besides her incredible singing talents on Broadway, which were shown throughout her stints in shows such as Wicked or Rent, Idina Menzel has done plenty in both film and TV. In film, you may recognize her as the voice of Elsa, one of the main characters of the Frozen film series. She’s also made live-action appearances in films as well, such as reprising her role from Rent in the film version, appearing in the film Enchanted (a role which she will reprise in the upcoming Disenchanted), and acting alongside Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems as his wife.

Idina Menzel also had a pretty big recurring role on Glee, where she played Rachel’s biological mother for several seasons.

Nicholas Galitizine as Prince Robert in Cinderella.

Nicholas Galitzine (Prince Robert)

Every Cinderella needs her Prince Charming - or, in this version of Cinderella, Prince Robert. The prince is played by Nicholas Galitzine, who has been pretty active within the film and TV world.

Galitzine has appeared in a couple of films prior to his part in Cinderella, including the drama, High Strung, and the comedy-drama, Handsome Devil. He’s also made appearances in the New Zealand-filmed horror movie, The Changeover, and in the TV film, The Watcher in the Woods. As of recently, he appeared in the sequel film, The Craft: Legacy, where he played Timmy.

Nicholas Galitzine has also been active in TV. He guest starred on Legends, and had the leading role in the Netflix original series, Chambers. Now, after Cinderella, maybe we’ll get to see more of him in the coming months.

Minnie Driver as Queen Beatrice in Cinderella.

Minnie Driver (Queen Beatrice)

Minnie Driver portrays Queen Beatrice in Cinderella, and Driver has been a part of Hollywood for over 20 years now, with some major roles under her belt. Back in the late 1990s, Driver appeared in Circle of Friends, GoldenEye, Grosse Pointe Blank, and the Matt Damon-led film, Good Will Hunting.

She went on to voice Jane in the animated film, Tarzan, had a role in The Phantom of the Opera, Owning Mahowny, and voiced Lady Eboshi in Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke, along with several other roles.

Minnie Driver has also been very active in television. She had a recurring role on Will & Grace, a lead role on The Riches, as well as on the sitcoms About a Boy and Speechless, and a starring role in the miniseries, The Deep. She’s also recently starred in an episode of the Amazon original series, Modern Love.

Pierce Brosnan as King Rowan in Cinderella.

Pierce Brosnan (King Rowan)

For a king, there’s truly no one better to play King Rowan in Cinderella than James Bond himself, the wonderful Pierce Brosnan. Brosnan portrayed the iconic 007 spy, James Bond, for four films (GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough, and Die Another Day). After that, he went on to star in several films, such as The Fourth Protocol, Mrs. Doubtfire, Dante’s Peak, The Thomas Crown Affair, Mamma Mia! (and its sequel), The Ghost Writer, The Matador, The November Man, and more.

Pierce Brosnan has also appeared in TV. Besides several guest starring and recurring roles, Brosnan had a main role on the crime dramedy Remington Steele for several seasons, starred in the horror miniseries Bag of Bones, and had a leading role on The Son, a western drama. There’s truly no stopping 007 with all of the amazing parts that he has played throughout his career.

Billy Porter as Fab G in Cinderella.

Billy Porter (Fab G)

Fab G is fabulous, magical, and everything else that we need in Cinderella, and that fabulous godparent could only be played by the iconic Billy Porter. Porter has appeared in several films prior to his role in Cinderella, including Twisted, The Intern, Noel, Like a Boss and more. Billy Porter has also done plenty in theater, including winning a Tony Award for his portrayal of Lola in Kinky Boots on Broadway, and even played Teen Angel in Grease on Broadway, as well.

While Porter had plenty of guest appearances on TV shows like Law & Order and The Get Down, one of his more prominent roles was playing Pray Tell in the FX original series, Pose, a role that would see him nominated him for several awards. Billy Porter teamed up with Ryan Murphy again for Season 8 of American Horror Story, when he starred in the Apocalypse installment. He’s also set to voice Randall Leibowitz-Jenkins in the upcoming The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, so I’m eager to see what this legend does next.

Maddie Baillio as Anastasia (on the right) in Cinderella.

Maddie Baillio (Anastasia)

You can’t have Cinderella without some evil stepsisters, and Anastasia is one of the two. Played by Maddie Baillio, the young actress has just begun her journey in Hollywood, with Cinderella being her third major role.

Her first step into stardom was playing Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray Live! when it aired on NBC. Her second was portraying Millie Mitchellchuk in the Netflix original film, Dumplin'.

Hopefully, even more wonderful roles will come her way after Cinderella.

Charlotte Spencer as Drizella (in the pink dress) in Cinderella.

Charlotte Spencer (Drizella)

When there’s one evil stepsister, there’s always another backing her up, and that’s Drizella in Cinderella, played by Charlotte Spencer. Spencer has appeared in a few films prior to her part in the fantasy film, such as Misbehavior and The Duke, but she’s also guest starred in several television shows as well.

This includes guest roles in Hotel Babylon, Genie in the House, Glue, and many more. Charlotte Spencer also played Charlotte Appleby in the miniseries, The Living and the Dead, and had a recurring role as Esther Denham in Sanditon and another recurring role as Karen Petersen in Us.

James Acaster as John in Cinderella.

James Acaster (John)

Cinderella can’t go anywhere without the help of the lovely mice aiding her along, and James Acaster is one of those mice, named John. While Cinderella is Acaster’s first major film role ever, he’s been extremely active in comedy, mainly in the United Kingdom.

Acaster has appeared on several panel shows (otherwise known as a game show) that are based in the U.K., such as Mock the Week, Taskmaster, 8 out of 10 Cats, Would I Lie To You? and so many others. He also currently hosts a panel show called Hypothetical, alongside Josh Widdicombe. James Acaster has also had a Netflix comedy special, titled Repertoire, so if you haven’t listened to some of this guy’s material, be sure to check him out now. He’s seriously funny.

James Corden as James in Cinderella.

James Corden (James)

Another of Cinderella’s mice, James, is played by James Corden, and I’m sure that there is something out there that you have watched with James Corden in it. The actor is mainly known for his talk show, The Late Late Show with James Corden, where many of his skits and YouTube videos (like Carpool Karaoke) have gone viral.

Besides that, Corden has had a very prominent acting career, both has a musical man and as a regular actor. In terms of television, James Corden has appeared in TV shows like Fat Friends, Teachers, and co-created and co-starred in Gavin & Stacey. He also recently hosted Friends: The Reunion on HBO Max.

In film, Corden has been active for years, appearing in several, such as the comedy Gulliver’s Travels, The Three Musketeers, the musicals Begin Again, Into the Woods, and The Prom, the Trolls film series, and the infamous Cats. He also voiced the titular Peter Rabbit in Peter Rabbit and it’s sequel.

All of these 2021 movies have so many stars, it’s almost overwhelming, and Cinderella only adds onto that list. Here's hoping you can see your favorite again soon after their part in Cinderella.

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