Reacher Just Cast An Important Character For The Amazon Prime Video Show's Second Season

Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher.
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Fans of author Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series have been waiting for any new bits of news regarding the second season of the Amazon Prime Video program, Reacher. It was one of the best new programs added to the streaming service, and gave people a great reason to sign up for an Amazon Subscription. We have been figuring out big bits of information with regard to the show’s second season, which we know will be based on the novel Bad Luck and Trouble. And today we are hearing that Shaun Sipos has earned an important role in Reacher season 2, playing David O’Donnell.

Shaun Sipos is best known for his work on a different Amazon Prime Video series, Outer Range, but has agreed to a one-year contract to play O’Donnell on the second season of Reacher, per Deadline. The one-year deal makes sense. David O’Donnell is a character who only appears in the one Lee Child book, even though he has a very powerful connection to Jack Reacher’s past. 

In the Amazon Prime Video series, it’s burly Alan Ritchson who plays the lead character, an ex-military investigator and current wanderer who gets involved with cases as he hitchhikes around the country. Trouble tends to find Reacher, though in Bad Luck and Trouble, he goes toward the danger after members of his former Army battalion turn up dead… and very obviously murdered. 

David O’Donnell is one of the surviving members of Reacher’s elite platoon who agrees to join his colleague in Los Angeles and begin investigating what happened to their fallen brethren. The search takes the to Las Vegas, then back to Southern California, where Reacher discovers that the enemy strong enough to take some some of the best soldiers he knows might also make it tough for Reacher to survive, as well.

We singled out Bad Luck and Trouble as a perfect source book for Reacher season 2, because it wouldn’t rely on any of the characters who were introduced in the initial season of Reacher (which did get excellent reviews). Also, the change of location from rural Georgias to Southern California also should place a fresh coat of paint on Reacher season 2, helping the Amazon Prime Video program to mimic the books in how they rarely interconnect and usually tell single-serving stories. 

We still have a bunch of questions about Reacher Season 2, beginning with when it might reach the streaming service. From what we hear, it begins filming in the fall, so maybe an early 2023 drop? At least we know who plays O’Donnell now. Let the rest of the cast fill in.

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