SEAL Team Boss Weighs In On Whether Max Thieriot’s Clay Will Ever Reappear On The Show

SEAL Team Season 6 may be done, but many are likely still thinking about what occurred throughout the intense set of episodes. One development that fans are surely still lamenting is Clay’s tragic and shocking death, which was the result of Max Thieriot's work on CBS' Fire Country. Despite his demise, you have to wonder if the character might ever reappear in some form or fashion. Showrunner Spencer Hudnut is now opening up about the prospect of such a thing.

It’s currently unclear whether SEAL Team will receive another season and build on the  shocking events of its Season 6 finale, so we don't know what might happen to the team moving forward. You have to think that the team will still be thinking about Clay as time goes on, though, and that could manifest in certain ways down the line. Though Max Thieriot is busy with his successful new CBS series, there may be hope for his character to return. Spencer Hudnut spoke to TV Insider about the possibility of reviving the decease soldier via flashbacks:

We’ve done things like that in the past. I just think part of this decision was that just to finish Max’s work this season was such a struggle. The idea of being able to plan ahead and figure that out just seems hard, but we’ll never say no to anything. Clay’s legacy will live on within the show. And yeah, if there’s an opportunity where we could do something like that, I’d be all for it because he’s such a huge part of the show.

Filming two shows (that are produced in different cities) simultaneously is hard, to say the least. However, Max Thieriot still appeared during a fair amount of SEAL Team Season 6, which allowed Clay's arc to play out in a smooth, yet tragic, way. Of course, it was only a matter of time before Fire Country's growing popularity caused his exit as a full-time cast member. But on a brighter note, Thieriot could definitely pop back in for a guest appearance, should the logistics be worked out well in advance.

If the actor were to return for a small cameo in a potential seventh season, it could definitely go a number of ways. It’s likely that fans will still be seeing more of Clay's wife, Stella, and their son, Brian, since Sonny vowed to take care of them. Perhaps that's a way in for a guest spot narrative-wise, as Clay could appear to his spouse in the form of a dream sequence. But a good old-fashioned flashback would certainly do the job as well. Either way, it's nice to know that the producers have options should they want to reuse the character.

It could be some time before audiences see Max Thieriot's Clay Spenser again due to his other professional obligations. Amid negative reactions from the real Cal Fire, Fire Country is building a nice following, it seems. A part of the fall 2022 CBS schedule, the series quickly received a full-season order alongside fellow newbies East New York and So Help Me Todd. Despite its seemingly bright future though, I'm sure Thieriot would make time for Spencer Hudnut and his SEAL Team collaborators if they asked him back.

You can check out Max Thieriot on all six seasons of SEAL Team by grabbing a Paramount+ subscription, and you can find Fire Country on the service as well. Also, check out CinemaBlend’s 2023 TV schedule for information on shows that are landing in the new year.

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