Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown Revealed One Of Her Favorite Scenes From Season 4, And It's One You Might Not Expect

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Warning! Some Stranger Things Season 4, Vol. 1 SPOILERS are ahead. Come back once you’re totally caught up!

It’s now been a little over a week since everyone’s favorite supernatural drama finally returned with the first part of its new season, and Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 1 has already given viewers a lot to think about. While the wait of nearly three full years had many people going back to see what they needed to remember from Stranger Things Season 3, the new episodes have certainly led to many new questions and theories about everything from whether or not Max will be OK, to why Eleven’s speech pattern is so different in those flashbacks. Now, though, star Millie Bobby Brown has revealed one of her favorite scenes from Season 4, and it’s probably one you won’t be expecting.

What Did Millie Bobby Brown Say Is One Of Her Favorite Stranger Things Season 4 Scenes?

I can’t imagine that anyone who watched the thrilling set of episodes we’ve gotten so far for Stranger Things Season 4 doesn’t have a number of favorite scenes. So, it makes total scene that each of the actors would have some beloved scenes from the record-breaking Stranger Things season, as well. But, when Eleven actress Millie Bobby Brown spoke recently about a scene she loved from Volume 1, she didn’t put the spotlight on one with a lot of action or a moment that gave fans a big reveal. As she told Still Watching Netflix:

One of my favorite scenes in Season 4 is the scene where Eleven expresses to Mike that he isn’t loving her the way that she wants to be loved. I really like that scene; I think it’s very real and authentic. Is she worth it without her powers? Does he love her without her powers? Is she still this superwoman in his mind? It’s very emotional. I think it shows a real, true girl dealing with her insecurities. I really enjoyed that.

WOW. So, not that scene where Eleven finally begins to regain her powers? Not the moment she tries to use her powers against the mean kids at school who are bullying her, only to make things way worse on herself? Well, as Brown noted, it’s pretty clear that this smaller, emotional scene between teen sweethearts Eleven and Mike really struck a chord with her, and it definitely helped Eleven be one of the standout characters of Stranger Things Season 4.

The scene in question comes after Eleven has already gotten some (ill-advised and very public) revenge on Angela for her bullying, and she’s crying over not fitting in with yet another group of kids. Eleven had finally found her people when she escaped from Hawkins Lab, but now not only is everyone separated, but she and Mike aren’t as close as they used to be, with him not even telling her he loves her in his many letters to her. 

Millie Bobby Brown is right that it’s pretty natural for Eleven to wonder if Mike still loves her without her powers, as her ability to get them out of serious jams and literally save the world had to have been a big thing that attracted him to her. Now, she’s just another bullied kid in the group, and with Mike being, let’s face it, a Grade-A douchebag to our lovely Eleven, she must wonder if she’s still special enough for him to love her as he once did.

We don’t find out in Volume 1 of Stranger Things Season 4 why Mike seems to be pulling away from Eleven, but fans will likely see the two have at least one conversation about their romantic future when Volume 2 hits Netflix on July 1, providing they have time for a chat amidst all the Vecna horror that will need to be resolved. In the meantime, you can think about the Stranger Things Season 4, Vol. 1 ending and formulate theories about what it’ll mean for the rest of the season!

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