The King’s Man Streaming: How To Watch The World War I Spy Thriller

Ever since Matthew Vaughn’s action-packed and twist-filled Kingsman franchise burst onto the scene more than a half-decade ago, audiences around the world have been treated to some of the most hard-hitting fights and dazzling set pieces time and time again. And, though the latest installment in the series, The King’s Man, wasn’t all that well-received by critics (though we were all about it), and it failed to bring people to the theater upon its release, the daring World War I spy thriller was one hell of a ride.

If you missed the movie the first time it came around because you were preoccupied with contributing to Spider-Man: No Way Home’s insane box office run, worry not, because we have a little secret to share about how you can watch The King’s Man streaming. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this golden opportunity…

How To Watch The King’s Man Streaming

It hasn’t been all that much time since The King’s Man opened in theaters in December 2021, but the third movie in the successful franchise is already streaming as of Friday, February 18. What’s even better is the fact that, just like how Tom Hollander played multiple historical figures, you can't watch The King’s Man streaming in multiple places. 

So, anyone with a Hulu Subscription or an HBO Max subscription can watch Ralph Fiennes’ Duke of Oxford go toe-to-toe with Rhys Ifans Rasputin without much trouble at all (certainly less effort than it takes to uncover the movie’s deep, global conspiracy), thanks to a deal struck by Disney and Warner Bros. that splits up the 20th Century (and Searchlight Pictures) theatrical releases, per Variety. Something similar was done earlier in February 2022 for Nightmare Alley, and then later in the month for Free Guy.

Stream The King’s Man on Hulu.
Stream The King’s Man on HBO Max.

When Will The King’s Man Be Available On DVD And Blu-Ray?

More times than not, a movie will come out on DVD or Blu-ray (and 4K UHD these days) weeks or even months before it’s available on various streaming platforms. Well, this time around, those who want to to watch The King’s Man on an actual disc will have to wait a little longer than those who prefer the streaming option. Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait all that long, as the movie will be available starting Tuesday, February 22. But, if you want to go ahead and preorder it, you can do that at the link found just below.

Preorder The King’s Man on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K UHD on Amazon.

How To Watch The Other Movies In The Kingsman Franchise

There’s a good chance you will want to revisit the first two films in the franchise — Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle — after checking out the star-studded prequel (the same thing happened to me when I first saw the movie). Though neither movie is streaming at the time of this writing, you can still watch them online with little to no trouble, as both are available to rent or buy on Amazon right now.

Rent/Buy Kingsman: The Secret Service on Amazon.
Rent/Buy Kingsman: The Golden Circle on Amazon.

Hopefully, the long-awaited Kingsman 3 will finally come out at some point in the future, but in the meantime, there are plenty of promising 2022 new movie releases to hold us over.

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