The Letterkenny Quotes The Cast Find Themselves Using Most Often

You were watching Letterkenny the other daaaaaaay and you found yourself quoting some ridiculously specific lines, right? The fast-talking Canadian comedy is known for its hilarious and unique words and phrases, which have made an impact on pop culture vocabulary ever since the show was picked up by Hulu back in 2018. As the eleventh season, as well as a Letterkenny spinoff, just launched, I had the privilege of catching up with the robust Letterkenny cast to see how the project had evolved over the years- and I promise you, they did not disappoint or hold back. 

Evan Stern, who plays Roald on the show, not only talked about the phrases that have jumped from the show to his own vocabulary, but the ones even his own family uses. As he explained to CinemaBlend:

I definitely find myself doing the 'very tight, very nice, very cool'. Like the 'very veries'. I find myself doing a lot and I say 'to be fair' in my own life, all the time. It's so annoying how often I say it. And then have my brothers go 'to be fair'. I'm like, 'I’ll kill you.'

While I feel that most characters on the show could carry their own spinoffs, some of the main Letterkenny cast members really help hold the ship together while delivering tightly scripted lines, despite much of the show feeling improvised. Wayne's "tom-girl," ass-kicking sister Katie, played by Michelle Mylett, is one such star, who was quick to open up about the impact that the show has had on her everyday vocabulary. Michelle had this to say regarding the dialogue: 

Oh, God. Oh, I can't say 'to be fair' without being like 'Michelle…'. I think it's like a fear of mine to be on a show and then I'm quoting the show that I'm on like even if it’s not intentional. So I really try to be mindful of that because it's a bit...cringe.

With the recent Shoresy spinoff dropping having premiered late last year and an eleventh season under their belt, it doesn't seem like the Hulu show is showing any signs of slowing down. We've been ranking best Letterkenny episodes, and we ranked the series as one of the funniest shows on Hulu, not to mention it continuing to pushing the envelope. 

This latest Letterkenny season somehow packs in even more jokes, puns, quick tit-for-tat commentary, and everything you've grown to expect from the crew. So be sure to keep checking back to CinemaBlend for the latest news from our favorite fast-talking friends. And if you haven't seen any of Letterkenny, rectify that as soon as possible with your Hulu subscription while you browse through the streaming service's selection of other original content.

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