The Next 365 Days: Ending Explained: The Major Cliffhanger That Left Fans Frustrated

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I have to admit, when I started my 365 Days journey in 2020 (because so many people were talking about how it was one of the most sexually explicit movies on Netflix, like a lot of other viewers, probably), I did not expect it to lead me into a somewhat baffling three-film franchise. On August 19, the third (and what we’ve been told would be the final) movie in that trilogy, The Next 365 Days, finally hit the streamer, and…ooooooooweeee! It did not do any of the things that I, or most viewers, likely expected after watching the first two movies in the controversial 365 Days series.  

That’s right, folks, after fans watched a full three movies, thinking the whole time that the story of Laura and her mobbed-up love interests, Massimo and Nacho, would be fully completed by the end of the latest film, do you know what they did? They went and ended this franchise on a cliffhanger! As you can probably imagine, this has left many Netflix subscribers frustrated, so let’s go ahead and dig into what happened during The Next 365 Days ending, what audiences are saying about it, and more. Also, there are SPOILERS AHEAD, so go ahead and watch the movie if you don’t want to ruin all of its surprises for yourself!

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How The Next 365 Days Ended

The 365 Days: This Day ending cemented the idea of a love triangle and more potential danger for Laura in The Next 365 Days, and at least one of those came to fruition. Laura was, in fact, torn between her feelings for her new husband, Massimo, and his hot, kidnapping rival, Nacho, throughout most of the third movie. After fully recovering from her gunshot wound, all it takes is one phone call from Nacho for it to completely reignite the passion that Laura was beginning to feel for him.

Massimo can tell something is going on, leading to arguments and distance between the couple, and when Laura and Olga take a trip to show off Laura’s fashion line, who shows up but Nacho, attempting to convince her to give their obvious feelings for one another a real chance.

And, Laura takes the bait (pretty quickly), leading to her and Nacho having hot, sexy sex on the beach behind his home. Nacho, though, being the buff gentleman that he is, does not try to force Laura to choose him over Massimo, and takes her back home. After she takes a trip to visit her parents and returns to Sicily, Nacho has one more conversation with Laura to try and change her mind (he poses as a taxi driver at the airport!), eventually returning her to Massimo once again.

Laura then meets with Massimo on the beach, and he reveals that he knows everything, but is willing to let her go without a fight if she really doesn’t want to be married to him anymore. Massimo then asks Laura, “Are you back, baby girl?”, but we never get Laura’s answer, as the movie fades to black and the end credits roll before she responds.

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What Fans Are Saying About The Ending

While I had many intriguing thoughts about The Next 365 Days, you can bet that the cliffhanger ending brought up some strong emotions for me, and also for a lot of people who watched the movie. Several Twitter users came out in force to talk about the ending of The Next 365 Days, like this one who noted that it was hard to have any particular expectations regarding how this story would finish, but they also didn’t think it would go down like this:

I totally concur. The least you think you’ll get from the final minutes of a movie trilogy that’s based on a book series with the same number of titles in it is for it to actually end the story in a satisfying way. Whether #TeamMassimo or #TeamNacho, you’d want to know which dangerously appealing mobster Laura ended up with. Right? The ending was so frustrating that some fans were downright angry, and I completely understand and feel their pain:

What the Hell kind of Ending was That??!! 😩😩😩😩🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

Had I tweeted about The Next 365 Days ending, I may have included some much more aggressive emojis, but the weary and face-palm emojis still work to convey some of the overall feelings one is left with after watching the entire franchise and getting no answer to the ultimate question about Laura and her potential forever love. Speaking of which…

Just finished watching 'The Next 365 Days' don't ask me why, I was bored out of my mind. But christ, that ending annoyed the absolute crap out of me. Please don't tell me they're making a 4th just for her to decide on Massimo or Nacho? 😂

There’s not a single person who watched The Next 365 Days and isn’t wondering the same thing. So…

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Will There Be A 365 Days 4?

While I would love to tell everyone who was left confused by The Next 365 Days ending that another sequel (Let’s call it, I Know What You Did During The Last 365 Days, shall we?) is on the way, unfortunately, I can’t. As of right now, there’s been no fourth movie announced for the 365 Days franchise, and as I noted earlier, there were only three books in the series the films are based on.

But! During an interview with Decider about the movie, star Michele Morrone (he’s Massimo) was a bit cagey when asked whether or not this was really the end and if he’d be willing to do more, should a fourth film get the go-ahead:

I mean, who knows if this is the end? [Laughs] But I feel very good inside because I’ve done something good with my life. This trilogy changed my life. I feel good about it. A little bit sad because that’s the end…or not? I don’t know. But at the same time, I feel like a circle is closed.

And, Morrone also teased fans with the idea of another movie on his Instagram in a recent post, captioning some pictures of him as Massimo with “The end of something is always a little bit sad.. but.. who knows….” This leads me to think that it’s possible that plans for 365 Days 4 are still being ironed out, but we’ll have to wait and see if that turns out to be the case.

For right now, if you need more of Laura, Massimo, and Nacho, it looks like you’ll have to settle for rewatching the trilogy, or getting thee to a laptop to pen some fanfic.

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