365 Days: This Day: 5 Things To Remember Before The Sequel

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I think it’s fair to say that a lot has happened since June 7, 2020, wouldn’t you agree? However, even if you’ve spent the past nearly two years streaming movie after movie, if you happened upon Netflix’s 365 Days after it was released on the above date, that viewing experience probably continues to stand out among the rest. The sexy film was incredibly popular, but also extremely controversial, with people starting petitions to have it removed from the streamer and many wondering if the sex scenes were real instead of simulated.

Despite the controversy, Netflix stood behind the film, and gave the go-ahead to the sequel, 365 Days: This Day, which will finally arrive on April 27 (as part of the new movie releases and the 2022 Netflix movie schedule) to satisfy fans’ craving for more in the story of kidnapping mob boss Massimo and the woman he won over with the risky move, Laura. But! You may have forgotten some of the most important parts of the first film, so here’s what you need to remember about 365 Days and that cliffhanger ending before watching the sequel!

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Laura And Massimo... Got To Know Each Other!

So, hot mobster Massimo (Michele Morrone) kidnapped Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka) as she was vacationing in Italy, because he thought she was the woman he saw as he was dying after being shot. Massimo had spent years in love with the mystery woman and looked for her, and took her in an effort to make her fall in love with him. As with most people, though, Laura was none too pleased with his actions.

But, you know, no relationship is perfect, so Laura eventually stopped fighting with Massimo so they could get to know one another. And, by “know one another,” I do indeed mean bang. After some sexy close encounters (and Massimo showing Laura how beneficial it would be to be with someone as rich and powerful as him), Laura and Massimo finally had sex all over his fancy yacht, which (I assume) began to cement her feelings for him.

laura and massimo in 365 days on netflix

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Laura Did Fall In Love With Massimo!

While Laura remained unhappy with Massimo’s controlling ways and how he’d completely taken over her life, his plan ended up working. Laura only attempted to escape a few times before totally giving in, which was the result of her actually falling in love with the sinfully sexy mobster. This reveal comes toward the end, after Massimo goes to retrieve Laura, whom he’d sent back to her native Poland in the hope of keeping her out of mob danger (more on that later). 

She’d been pissed that he sent her away, and after they express some very, very brief annoyance with each other, Laura and Massimo do what they do best: enjoy a wildly energetic adult play session, this time while up against the window of an extravagant high-rise apartment. Afterward, Laura tells him she doesn’t need the full 365 days to change her mind about him, because she’s already in love.  

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Massimo And Laura Got Engaged!

You gotta hand it to Massimo, the man moves quickly! Once Laura announced that she was also in love with him, he didn’t want to wait on fulfilling his dream of completely having her all to himself. The very next day, when Laura wakes up sprawled across Massimo’s similarly naked form, he’s already awake and immediately proposes marriage. She looks shocked at first, but then realizes that he slipped a ring on her finger at some point during the night. And, she says yes!

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Laura Is Pregnant!

With Laura basically aware of how Massimo (and his father before him) makes his money (gangster business, remember), she’d decided it was best to keep what he does a secret from her parents, who met him at a wedding the two attend in Poland after getting engaged. This led Massimo to forbid Laura from inviting anyone from her family to their wedding once they return to Italy. But, as the days leading up to their nuptials pass, she begins to regret agreeing to that. So, she manages to convince Massimo to let her invite her best friend to the ceremony so that she can have at least one bridesmaid.

When Laura’s friend, Olga (Magdalena Lamparska), arrives, Laura tells her she’s getting married to her kidnapper, and reveals that she’s pregnant. Olga is displeased with all of these updates, but Laura tells her buddy that she willingly said yes to marrying Massimo, and notes that he doesn’t know that she’s pregnant, so he didn’t ask out of anything other than love for her. Olga relents, saying that she’ll be there for Laura no matter what, and then they go wedding dress shopping!

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Laura Is The Target Of A Rival Mobster!

365 Days ended with a major cliffhanger. As Laura and Olga were returning to Massimo’s palatial gang boss compound, she decided to call her fiancé. Unfortunately, at the same time, Massimo’s second in command gets word that Laura is now the target of a rival mobster, but his efforts to notify his boss can’t go through, because Massimo is on the phone with Laura. As he races to the estate to warn Massimo, the car that Laura and Olga are in enter a tunnel, which cuts off the phone call with Laura and Massimo. When he finally realizes that danger is afoot, though, it appears to be too late to do anything.

Ahhhhh! The agony of a cliffhanger, right? Well, considering that Laura and Olga are in one piece in the recently released trailer for 365 Days: This Day, we can all rest assured that the ultimate tragedy didn’t befall her and her unborn bambino. But, that doesn’t mean that things will be anywhere close to smooth sailing for Laura and Massimo! 

365 Days was based on a three-book series from Polish author Blanka Lipińska, and the rest of the novels include a number of other heart-stopping twists and turns, including secret evil twins, the introduction of new gangsters, more kidnapping, alcoholism, and surprising stories for some secondary characters. Obviously, 365 Days: This Day could use all or only a few of these plot points, so we’ll just have to wait until April 27 to see what happens next!  

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