There's Now A Petition To Get 365 Days Removed From Netflix

365 Days Laura and Massimo embracing on the water

It’s the movie that’s been considered more hardcore than Fifty Shades of Grey, and has been steaming its way up the Netflix charts as of late. But the original film 365 Days has quite a few detractors waiting in the wings, and they’ve been speaking up with a voice that’s been getting louder by the moment. Which leads to today’s recent developments, as a new petition is demanding that the Polish erotic drama be removed from the platform, in the name of the message it supposedly represents.

The petition, which is currently up to over 65,000 signatures and climbing on, calls out Netflix for having 365 Days freely available on their platform. The streaming giant is being accused of condoning a movie that allegedly glorifies not only sexual abuse, but also Stockholm Syndrome, on a platform that could easily be accessed by impressionable youths. And this isn’t the only claim that has been leveled against the recent Netflix hit either.

Previously, Welsh singer Duffy had spoken out against 365 Days’ glorification of sexual abduction and abuse, which came not too long after her own admission that she had been abducted and sexually abused herself. While it feels like the tide of criticisms against the movies is growing, there’s already a pretty strong fandom building around this supposedly new and exciting fandom coming to author Blanka Lipi?ska's trilogy of sensual entertainment.

It certainly doesn’t help when Netflix also happens to be the current home of Gaspar Noe’s less controversial, but similarly graphic film Love; a movie that’s been discovered by fans of 365 Days thanks to a TikTok meme that’s inspired viewers who enjoyed the more recent romance to do so. While 365 Days isn’t the first Netflix title to raise controversy, and it surely won’t be the last, there looks to be a greater discussion waiting to happen around this title in particular.

That seems especially important, as the popularity of the movie and the remaining two volumes of source material waiting to be developed almost guarantee that a sequel could be in the works. Which in turn, would probably mean that the streaming platform would want to get in on the ground floor and make 365 Days’ new installment a totally original Netflix product.

For now, audiences are probably going to flock in greater numbers to 365 Days; but at the same time, the way they approach the film will be more measured and cautious about the perceived handling of this subject matter. If you’re looking to join the debate yourself, 365 Days is currently available to stream on Netflix for your education. Obviously, viewer discretion is obviously advised for any potential audience members, and you may want to make sure those parental controls are nice and secure. Let’s prevent those younger audience members from watching any titles you’re not ready to have a discussion about.

Mike Reyes
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