365 Days: This Day Ending Explained: How Laura Ended Up In Even More Trouble And What It Could Mean For The Sequel

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Warning! Spoilers are ahead for 365 Days: This Day! Go have a sexy interlude and come back once you’ve caught up!

For all of the controversy surrounding the kidnapping at the center of the 365 Days franchise, no one can deny that lots of people still love watching the sexually explicit Netflix movies. The sequel to the hit 2020 romantic thriller, 365 Days: This Day recently hit the streamer as part of the

2022 Netflix movie schedule, and quickly made it to the Top 10 movie list there as viewers tuned in to see how things picked up after the big cliffhanger of the 365 Days ending.

As you might expect, seeing as how there’s a third book in the series from Polish author Blanka Lipińska, there will be a third movie in the franchise, so 365 Days: This Day did, indeed, ended on yet another massive cliffhanger. So, let’s take a look at how Laura ended up in even more trouble by the end, and what it might mean for the next sequel. On with the drama!

laura held at gunpoint by massimo's evil twin in 365 days: this day on netflix

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What Happened At The End Of 365 Days: This Day

If, after all of the ups, downs, danger, and sexy sex times of 365 Days and its sequel, you were hoping that Laura and Massimo could just be together and enjoy a relatively easy life, well, I’ve got bad news. As mentioned earlier, 365 Days: This Day ended on another cliffhanger where Laura was in major trouble, and this time, she’s actually been shot and was left bleeding out on the floor in the last minute of the movie. I know!

So, how did Laura get there? Well, it involves her being kidnapped yet again, some new characters and the return of one character from the first film whom you may have forgotten about. And if you’re having trouble keeping everyone straight, let’s take a look at them now:


As Laura is lamenting her status as the kept wife of a mafia boss with nothing to do other than have very realistic-looking sex and be ordered around by either her husband or his men, Nacho comes up to her and introduces himself as Massimo’s new gardener. Obviously, this man (who is very nearly an exact physical copy of Massimo and immediately sparks interest in Laura) is not who he says he is. He’s actually Marcelo “Nacho” Matos, son of Spanish mob leader Don Fernando Matos, a rival of Massimo’s who’s looking to exert some pressure on Laura’s new hubby because he thinks he’s expanding his business too much.


You don’t remember Anna? Not a major shock, I didn’t either, and certainly didn’t think to list her as one of the things about 365 Days to remember before the sequel, but here we are. Anna was only seen during the masquerade party scene in 365 Days, and she is yet another Sicilian mafia scion. She had a romantic past with Massimo and tried to make him forget about Laura in the first film, partly because she’s hoping to unite their powerful families by marrying the mobster.


And, here was a big surprise, for the audience as well as Laura. Our dear, broody Massimo actually has an identical twin brother! The only giveaways that these are not the same man (unless you talk to them), are that Adriano isn’t nearly as put together and calm as Massimo, and he has two different-colored eyes, which Laura is only close enough to notice after it’s way too late. When Laura and Massimo head to a fancy event, he appears to be pulled away by Anna. When Laura follows, she finds them having sex in one of the hotel rooms and leaves, obviously angry. Did you guess that she actually saw Adriano and Anna doing adult things? Good job!

How Everyone Ended Up In The Big Showdown At The End

Evil twin Adriano has been plotting with Anna to get Laura out of the way so that he can lure Massimo out and kill him, leaving Adriano as the only heir to their family’s mob empire, and they nearly succeed. But, when Laura leaves the event and heads outside, Nacho (not so miraculously) finds her, and she tells him to get her out of there, which he does, driving her away. The next morning, Laura lets Nacho “the gardener” take her to Spain to stay at his father’s beachside home.

This is when shit starts to go down, guys. Laura and Nacho spend several days together, eating meals, hanging out with his pregnant sister (she’s introduced as his sister, anyway), surfing, watching movies, and just all around enjoying each other’s company. Oh, and Laura also begins fantasizing lots of hardcore sexy stuff about Nacho, and they also kiss (for real) while playing in the ocean.

Soon, though, the jig is up, and Nacho has to come clean about the fact that he needed to kidnap her for his dad, and she made it very easy by willingly going with him. Nacho then takes her to the big mob meetup with his father and Massimo, who’s livid. All of the men eventually realize that the compound is not as safe as it should be, because Laura has been spirited away by another party: Adriano and Anna, who hold her at gunpoint when a furious Nacho and Massimo find her.

A war of words ensues, with poor, unarmed Laura very much in the middle. When Adriano reveals to Massimo and the assembled group that Laura had been pregnant, but lost the child because of the accident in the previous finale, she breaks free from his hold and tries to run away. This causes Anna to shoot her, and then Anna is shot by Nacho. Massimo then shoots Adriano, and Nacho turns his gun on him, before walking away and allowing Massimo to take care of an unconscious Laura. Whew!

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What The Cliffhanger Could Mean For Laura, Massimo, And Nacho In The Sequel

Let’s start with Nacho, since he’s the newest element involved here. It seemed pretty obvious that he felt bad about helping Laura get into even deeper trouble with his soft kidnapping and bringing her to the mafia hang. He’d already told her that his feelings for her were real (and she clearly shared those feelings), and with her certainly living through her injury, I wouldn’t be surprised if he attempts to come back for her, or if she finds herself thinking about him and maybe goes off with him willingly again.

So, Laura will likely survive, but things didn’t look too good for Anna, who was shot square in the center of her chest by Nacho. Meanwhile, Massimo only managed to shoot his brother, Adriano, in the shoulder, so he could easily live to see another day. This is especially true with Massimo now being focused on getting Laura medical help and keeping her safe.

I fully expect Adriano to cause trouble again in the sequel, which will probably be called The Next 365 Days, like the book. And, with that title, I’m guessing that we could see Laura involved in yet another kidnapping, with either her being successfully taken by Adriano this time, or Nacho deciding that Massimo just isn’t good enough for her or able to really keep her safe, and kidnapping her in the next movie.

I had lots of feelings after watching 365 Days: This Day, but one lingering question is: Who will Laura really be in love with at the end of all this? I have no clue! But, I am certainly intrigued to see how this not-so-sexy mess will wrap up! 

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