The Terminal List Author Responds To All The Negative Reviews Of Chris Pratt's New Amazon Series

While Amazon Prime Day deals may be the big thing subscribers are excited about this month, the new series The Terminal List has also made a splash ever since it hit the streamer. The Chris Pratt-led starrer can be viewed with an Amazon Prime Video subscription, and has already become a #1 hit. That is, at least with its author, and the fans. 

A lot has already been written about Chris Pratt’s new Amazon original series, but one of the big points the show and those involved have tried to make is that the The Terminal List is grounded and realistic in its action. While critics haven’t seemingly found this to be endearing, landing the show in splat territory,  the Rotten Tomatoes score from the audience is a whole lot healthier, coming in at 94%. According to former Navy SEAL and author Jack Carr, this has to do with the current political climate and how that is even impacting things like our entertainment. He said:  

It falls right in line with everything that I understand about the current culture and climate in America right now. It seems to have triggered quite a few of these critics.

Regardless of how the critics feel about The Terminal List, Jack Carr also told THR in the same interview that he’s taken one major positive out of the feedback the show has gotten, which is based on the book of the same name Carr published back in 2018. It’s the fans who love it and it has been the fans whom the author says the entire project was conceived for anyway. 

The 95 percent viewer rating, audience rating, makes it all worth it. We didn’t make it for the critics. We made it for those in the arena. We made it for the soldier, sailor, airman and Marine that went downrange to Iraq and Afghanistan, so they could sit on the couch and say, ‘Hey, these guys put in the work. They put in the effort to make something special and make a show that speaks to them.’ And that 95 percent rating lets me know that we at least got close

Since the show hit the schedule, star Chris Pratt --who doesn't actually go by Chris Pratt -- has also been supportive of the fan response, re-sharing posts from co-stars like Alexis Louder about the fan response going over so well.

Chris Pratt resharing fan response to The Terminal List 2022.

(Image credit: Chris Pratt Instagram Stories)

He also separately shared another post from co-star Taylor Kitsch

Chris Pratt Resharing Taylor Kitsch thanking the fans for The Terminal List

(Image credit: Chris Pratt Instagram Stories)

Pratt’s not just sharing the love on Instagram Stories; he also shared a message with the fans to his own page detailing how he’s had a successful “two years” on the streaming service with The Terminal List and last year’s big movie The Tomorrow War, which also was a #1 hit on the streamer and received positive feedback from fans. He’s also spoken candidly about the Navy SEAL-based series specifically making sure there was no Hollywood BS

Ahead of the release of the new Amazon show, Chris Pratt also spoke recently about online backlash he’s received after he felt his ideals were misconstrued online, so there's been plenty of negative Internet momentum to go around. Meanwhile, The Terminal List remains buzzy on Amazon Prime weeks after its release, with some fans comparing it to the network's other high-octane content like Jack Ryan or Jack Reacher. We'll keep you updated if the series continues into Season 2, but it is worth noting Jack Carr wrote more books based around Pratt's character, James Reece. 

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