The Try Guys Are Trying Something Cool For The Without A Recipe Season Finale, And We Have Details

The Try Guys in their latest video on YouTube, the Try Guys Make Burgers Without A Recipe.
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The Try Guys are bringing the heat this year to the kitchen – and straight through your computer screens. 

The holidays are here, and while we could spend hours watching the best Christmas movies or debating which version of Santa is the better one, I’d rather spend it cooking – and that usually means watching cooking shows and channels on YouTube.

There are so many great options out there – from some of the best cooking competition shows to baking series’ – but one of my favorites that some people might not know about is Without A Recipe, a specific cooking show that aired on YouTube as part of The Try Guys – otherwise known as Zach Kornfield, Keith Habersberger, and Eugene Lee Yang. 

The channel has a variety of popular shows, but Without a Recipe has always been the most popular – so much so that it spawned off into a TV show on the Food Network that just completed its first season, called Without A Recipe Road Trip. 

Without A Recipe is something the guys have been doing since they worked at BuzzFeed. Ever since they turned their brand into a full-fledged company in 2018, it’s only gotten bigger, showing that sometimes, not having a recipe works. And sometimes, it very much doesn’t, and creates big (yet hysterical) messes.

Now, in 2022, they are setting up the stage for their biggest season yet for this year’s Without A Recipe, ending it with a banger of a finale – a live one, airing on December 17th, 2022. 

The logo for the live finale on the Try Guys YouTube channel.

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The new season will feature the same build-up as always. Two episodes have aired so far, featuring the guys trying to make burgers and pop tarts without a recipe, and three more are going to air that will cover tacos, boba, and illusion cakes. 

This in turn will lead up to the live finale that is going to be broadcasted for fans to see where the guys – along with their close friend, Kwesi James – will attempt to make something that is sure to be a disaster without a recipe – churros, judged by fellow YouTubers and bakers, Rosanna Pansino and Jonny Cakes. 

The finale is going to run for two hours – that’s right, it’s basically going to be a movie – and will be run by interactive video company, Kiswe, where fans will have an interesting viewing experience. 

There will be multiple cameras set up, so fans will be able to pick whether they want the director’s cut, or if they want to focus on a specific contestant. And in the end, the fans will vote who the winner will be. 

If that name “The Try Guys” sounds familiar, it’s because you’re probably thinking of what happened a few months ago in September 2022 when one of their former members, Ned Fulmer, was let go after it was discovered he was having a consensual workplace relationship with an employee. 

However, the Try Guys have been actively changing their brand and moving forward, focusing on newer content as well as shows that fans love – such as Without A Recipe. 

The Try Guys have been making a name for themselves in the media lately with completing the first season of their new Food Network show, Without a Recipe Road Trip, and now this live-stream event will be the first step in a new direction for the popular series. 

If you’re interested in checking out this great event, tickets are for sale for fans to buy in order to watch the finale as it’s happening, starting at $19.99 on Kiswe’s website.  

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