The Try Guys Drama With Ned Fulmer, Explained

Ned and his wife Ariel on Try-DIY, a show on The Try Guys.
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I’ll just say this now – I am a part of the YouTube generation. 

While I did grow up watching plenty of movies and television shows, I wasn’t one of those kids that would come home and watch their favorite comedy shows on the television screen. I was the kid who would go up to her room and watch the videos that my favorite subscribers uploaded, from PewDiePie to Smosh to Jenna Marbles to everything else in between. And like many others, I was also a part of the BuzzFeed generation. 

The time I’m referring to was about between 2014-2017, where BuzzFeed Video ended up exploding on social media and becoming a major deal on YouTube thanks to its talented creators. Many of which have gone on to do several new things after leaving the company, including Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara with Ghost Files on Watcher, to Quinta Brunson co-creating a TV series, Abbott Elementary, and winning a 2022 Emmy for Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series.

But the one group from that time of BuzzFeed that I always loved was The Try Guys. Their natural chemistry, fun videos, and overall non-toxic masculinity vibes were something I loved back in the day. I continued to watch their videos to this day.

Now they're making headlines due to one of their former members, Ned Fulmer. For those who want to know what exactly is a "try guy" (as Seth Rogen tweeted), look no further than here, as we explain who The Try Guys are, and what it has to do with Ned Fulmer. 

The Try Guys featured in their opening.

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Who Are The Try Guys?

The million dollar question that’s been going around recently is “Who exactly are The Try Guys?” The group was originally formed at Buzzfeed when four workers – Zach Kornfield, Eugene Lee Yang, Keith Habersberger, and Ned Fulmer – were employed at the company. They would put out videos of these four men trying “new things,” and they were very popular. 

Since The Try Guys grew so popular during their time at Buzzfeed, they left in 2018 and created their own company. Their channel only grew from there, and has now amassed almost eight million subscribers (as of this writing), and more than two billion views. They continued to release very popular shows on YouTube, such as Without A Recipe, Eating The Menu, Candid Competition and more, along with other smaller projects that would feature the four men, or sometimes with guests. 

They’ve also expanded into several other branches of media, including four affiliated podcasts (The TryPod, You Can Sit With Us, Guilty Pleasures, and Baby Steps), a book about them, a worldwide tour called Legends of the Internet, and other personal ventures, such as Habersberger’s hot sauce line, Kornfield’s tea business, and Fulmer’s cookbook, The Date Night Cookbook. Most recently, they stepped into the food show world by releasing the Food Network show, No-Recipe Road Trip, a spinoff of their popular web series, Without A Recipe.

Ned Fulmer on a Try Guys video.

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Who Is Ned Fulmer? 

Ned Fulmer is one of the founding partners of The Try Guys company and has had several series on the channel where he is the main subject, such as Try DIY where he works on DIY projects with his wife, Ariel, who is an interior designer. They also did a series on parenthood when Fulmer was preparing to welcome his first child into the world in 2018. 

As mentioned before, Fulmer and his wife released a cookbook in 2021 called The Date Night Cookbook.

The members of the Try Guys.

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The Try Guys Announce That Ned Fulmer Is No Longer Working With Them Following Rumors 

On September 27th, 2022, on both their YouTube channel and their Twitter page, The Try Guys officially announced that Ned Fulmer would no longer be working with the team, saying that they don’t see a path going forward. 

Many fans at first were stunned at the news, but this action was following rumors that were circulating on Reddit prior to the statement being released. According to The Verge, Reddit users noticed Fulmer being absent in recent Try Guys videos, and a Reddit user put up pictures that were allegedly of Fulmer and someone kissing at a nightclub in New York City. 

The main rumor is that the person he was allegedly with was Try Guys producer, Alexandria Herring, a member of the channel and someone who has appeared in several videos. Herring is also a part of a series of videos on the channel called The Food Babies. 

Keep in mind that Fulmer didn’t confirm Herring was the person he was with, as this is all speculation, but fans have noticed a string of events that seem to point to her. According to BuzzFeed News, another Redditor said they saw Fulmer and Herring at a Harry Styles concert on September 1st. Buzzfeed also noted that Will Thayer, Herring’s fiance, has turned his Instagram account private, and that Fulmer and Herring have unfollowed each other. 

Ned in the Try Guys.

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Ned Admits He Was In A “Consensual Workplace Relationship”

Fans might not have expected it to be true, but not that long after The Try Guys announced Ned was no longer working with the group after a “thorough internal review,” Ned put out a statement saying that he was indeed in a “consensual workplace relationship.”

While this still doesn't confirm who the relationship was with, it does confirm a workplace relationship. 

What makes it even worse is that Ned’s whole entire persona on The Try Guys was based around the fact that he loved his wife and would mention her so often – so much so, that there are compilations about it on YouTube, including this one by YouTube user, Second Try. 

Ned and Ariel in the tour of their new home on The Try Guys.

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Ariel Fulmer Asks For Fans To “Respect Our Privacy” For The Sake Of Their Kids 

The wife, Ariel Fulmer, also came out with her own statement on Instagram, asking the fans to respect the family’s privacy at this time for the sake of her children, while also thanking the fans. 

Ariel Fulmer was pretty involved with The Try Guys, appearing in several videos, including the Try DIY series, as well as several other guest appearances. She also was a part of a group called The Try Wives, the partners of the guys who would make videos such as The Try Wives Try Horseback Riding or The Try Wives Reveal The Guys’ Best Secrets. She is also a part of the podcast, You Can Sit With Us with the other Try Wives. 

I have to admit – I’m pretty heartbroken about the news. While I always grew up knowing that not everything I see online is true, it still saddens me to learn about this. However, I can only hope that in the future, the family and the company will find a way to move forward through this difficult time.

For those who haven’t seen The Try Guys, be sure to check out their YouTube channel.   

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