Why King Of The Hill's Streaming Revival Has Me So Danged Excited, I Tell You What

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Given the way some streaming services and cable channels have been dropping cancellation bombs on already ordered/produced new projects, as well as reversing renewal orders and completely excising shows from content libraries, it’s been a little hard to put ample faith into entertainment. But King of the Hill’s long-anticipated revival was officially confirmed by Hulu, and that’s the kind of good news that can make someone completely forget about whatever those worries were that someone mentioned at the top of this paragraph. (Note to self: check for propane leak.) Putting aside any such pessimistic feelings, let’s talk about the biggest reasons to be extra-excited when it comes to King of the Hill returning to audiences in the near-ish future.

Both Mike Judge And Greg Daniels Are Returning (With A New Showrunner)

It’s safe to say no future version of King of the Hill would exist without co-creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels both being directly responsible for bringing it back, but let’s triple-dipple-down on celebrating both comedy masterminds being on board as executive producers. Not to mention Judge’s return to the recording booth for Hank Hill’s signature drawl.

Taking on showrunner duties for Hulu’s King of the Hill will be longtime TV scribe Saladin K. Patterson, who most recently brought The Wonder Years back for ABC with a Black family at the forefront. Patterson’s writing and producing resume also includes a wide array of comedic fare that includes Frasier, The Big Bang Theory, The Bernie Mac Show, Two and a Half Men, The Last O.G., Psych and Dave, among others.  

Beavis And Butt-Head's Return Proved Mike Judge's Humor Is Timeless

I cannot speak highly enough about last year’s double dose of Beavis and Butt-Head magnificence, first with the feature Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe and then with a season of the unendingly hilarious TV revival. The latest version excelled even beyond what the original MTV series delivered (and then delivered again with its 2011 revival). To be clear, B&B’s revival could have been dogshit, and I would still be putting on my Arlen High letterman jacket in anticipation for the Hills’ return, but now my confidence is size-appropriate for the region. 

Most Of The King Of The Hill's Cast Will Be Back

Beyond Mike Judge reprising his role of Hank and the warble-mouthed neighbor Boomhauer, fans can also expect to hear the familiar voices of Kathy Najimy as Pamela Adlon as mother and son Peggy and Bobby Hill, respectively.  As well, Stephen Root will be back as the fuzzy-brained but always loving Bill;  Johnny Hardwick will again lend his instantly recognizable nasal tones to Dale and his ever-present paranoia; and Ashley Gardner will be back to put up with Dale as his wife Nancy. Lauren tom is confirmed to be back with the dual roles of Minh and daughter Connie.

One Cast Member's Absence Has A Positive Silver Lining

The always hilarious Toby Huss served as the voice of Minh's Laotian hubby Kahn for the entirety of King of the Hill's run, but the actor isn't part of the initial casting news that Hulu shared. While that definitely sucks regarding many of the other characters that Huss voiced over the years, it's only a good thing when it comes to Kahn, given the animated world now putting in more of an effort to cast actors who can correctly personify their characters' culture. According to TVLine, Hulu has yet to respond to inquiries about recasting the role with another actor. Hopefully Huss can return in some way, albeit voicing other characters.

King Of The Hill Will Be Set In The Present Day

While it's not entirely clear how King of the Hill will be handling its characters' ages when it returns, Hulu did confirm it will remain set in Arlen, Texas, and will have a current-day timeline. That can only mean some acerbic-as-fudge humor is on the way when it comes to how Judge, Daniels and Patterson will skewer small town politics and the baffling rise in online conspiracy theories. If Dale isn't leading his own QAnon-esque following by minute seven, I'll eat his sunglasses.

The Hope For Tributes Honoring Brittany Murphy And Luann

Actress Brittany Murphy, who memorably voiced Luann Hill throughout King of the Hill's run, tragically passed away in 2009 at the age of 32. It's hard to imagine the revival finding anyone else to voice the character in any capacity, so I'm interested to see if and how the writers and animators will pay tribute to Murphy and Luann's combined awesomeness.

King Of The Hill's Shift From TV To Streaming 

Obviously, King of the Hill isn't ever going to win any Most Offensive Show On TV awards, even if somebody made those up after another one of those gas leaks makes things dizzy again. There's some light cursing, adult humor and subject matter that probably isn't great for toddlers, but it's still a family-friendly show. While I don't expect that to change all that drastically with the move to Hulu, the change in formats will still provide for smaller, universe-enriching changes that fans might not see coming. For instance, Paramount+'s Beavis and Butt-Head revival very notably upped the comedic ante by way broadening the animations for the main character's facial reactions, allowing for plenty of unexpected Chuck Jones-esque moments that weren't there before. 

Without any clear release window happening just yet, let’s all bring our ice chests out and gather around the fence to away King of the Hill’s return. Nabbing a Hulu subscription now will give everyone access to all the movies and TV shows coming soon to the platform. Head to our 2023 TV premiere schedule to see everything big that’s already confirmed for premiere dates in the coming months.

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