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Paddington looking up in his prison uniform in Paddington 2.
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As the 2024 TV schedule appears in the horizon, there’s going to be plenty of new and exciting options to keep an eye out for in various streaming platforms. Those of you with a Hulu subscription know that first hand, as every month tends to bring a slew of fresh entertainment options. 

But keeping track of those Hulu new releases can be a bit taxing, especially when trying to keep straight the titles that are already online and what’s coming soon. December is a perfect time to brush up on your favorites from the 2023 Christmas movie schedule, and Hulu's incoming lineup is going to include some of those very flicks for your holiday enjoyment.

However, don't forget to check out some of the non-festive favorites coming to the big green streamer as well! With offerings that include The Bourne Trilogy, as well as everything from Paddington 2 to The Matrix, there's a lot to be excited about. 

Plus, while Letterkenny's final season is a bittersweet occassion, it'll be fun to see how the gang sends off their iconic comedy. Without further ado, here's what's closing out 2023 in Hulu's December new releases!

New On Hulu Week of November 19: The Polar Express, FX’s Fargo: Year 5 Premiere, And More

Jon Hamm in cowboy gear, leaning against a barn gate in Fargo.

(Image credit: FX)

There are two wolves to be fed this week, and one of them is the urge to watch Christmas movies. Classics like Elf, cult gems such as Jack Frost, and underdogs like Fred Claus are all available for the trimming; and you're probably in a festive mood right about now.

However, the other wolf in the room is the desire to see Jon Hamm as a morally ambiguous rancher/sheriff in Season 5 of FX's Fargo anthology. Continuing Hamm's big TV comeback, it's hard not to look forward to the Mad Men vet's trademark dry, handsome wit come out to play. Especially when he looks like what's pictured above.

Spellbound: Season 1B - 11/20/23
Incredible Animal Journeys: Complete Docuseries - 11/20/23
My Hero Academia: Season 6, Part 2 (DUBBED) - 11/20/23
The Last Rider | 2022 - 11/20/23
Obituary: Complete Season 1 - 11/21/23
FX’s Fargo: Year 5 Premiere - 11/22/23
Elf | 2003 - 11/23/23
Four Christmases | 2008 - 11/23/23
Fred Claus | 2007 - 11/23/23
Jack Frost | 1998 - 11/23/23
Master Gardener | 2022 - 11/23/23
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation | 1989 - 11/23/23
The Polar Express | 2004 - 11/23/23

New On Hulu Week of November 26: Faraway Downs: Complete Limited Series, The Artful Dodger: Complete Season 1, And More

Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman in Australia

(Image credit: Twentieth Century Fox)

Baz Luhrman had a dream to reimagine his Nicole Kidman/Hugh Jackman starring musical Australia into a limited series. That vision has finally been realized, as the newly titled Faraway Downs has its complete limited series debut in this week’s frame of programming. So if you’re jazzed to see even more Austraila, budget your streaming time accordingly. 

And now a newsflash for those of you looking to be surprised by Thomas Brodie-Sangster, the recently married Love, Actually star is adding to his roster of credits. In the starring role of The Artful Dodger, Sangster will be helping expand the legacy of Charles Dickens in this pseudo-sequel to Oliver Twist. So let’s just get the surprise out of the way: yes, Thomas is the young boy from Love, Actually, but his resume encompasses so much more.

Faraway Downs: Complete Limited Series - 11/26/23
Katak the Brave Beluga | 2023 - 11/28/23
The Artful Dodger: Complete Season 1 - 11/29/23
El Encargado: Complete Season 2 - 11/29/23
Life Below Zero: Complete Season 21 - 11/29/23
Lost Cities Revealed with Albert Lin - 11/29/23
Wild Crime: Complete Season 3 - 11/30/23
A Timeless Christmas - 11/30/23
Christmas Comes Twice - 11/30/23
Christmas Under the Stars - 11/30/23
Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy - 11/30/23
Compassionate Spy | 2022 - 11/30/23
Five Star Christmas - 11/30/23
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas - 11/30/23
Jingle Bell Bride - 11/30/23

New On Hulu Available December 1: The National Treasure Movies, The Matrix Trilogy, Paddington 2, And More

the National Treasure cast

(Image credit: Walt Disney Pictures)

Need the perfect holiday gift for the person who has everything? Why not nab them some National Treasure, as both of Nicolas Cage’s historical adventures will be available to Hulu subscribers right at the top of the month? Or, if kindness is your thing, perhaps Paddington 2’s presence on the platform will be something that’ll bring a smile to their faces. 

But what if you’re in the market for some action? Well, The Matrix trilogy will be available to revisit, as the first three movies storm Hulu. Don’t worry completists, a later week in December 2023’s Hulu lineup will have you covered if you’re in the market for the entire Wachowski opus.

CoComelon - JJ's Animal Time: Complete Season 2 - 12/1/23
One Piece: Complete Season 11 (SUBBED)
Airheads | 1994
The Bourne Identity | 2002
The Bourne Supremacy | 2004
The Bourne Legacy | 2012
The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe | 2005
The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian | 2008
The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader | 2010
The Day The Earth Stood Still | 2008
District 9 | 2009
Epic Movie | 2007
Epic | 2011
Ever After | 1998
Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters | 2013
Harry Brown | 2009
Harvard Park | 2012
High School High | 1996
High-rise | 2015
Hostel: Part III | 2011
Hudson Hawk | 1991
The Hustler | 1961
House Of Flying Daggers | 2004
Hustlers | 2019
Hysteria | 2012
I Am Number Four | 2011
Johnson Family Vacation | 2004
Juno | 2007
Magic Mike XXL | 2015
Magic Mike | 2012
The Marine | 2006
Masterminds | 2016
The Matrix | 1999
The Matrix Reloaded | 2003
The Matrix Revolutions | 2003
National Treasure | 2004
National Treasure: Book Of Secrets | 2007
The Omen | 2006
Paddington 2 | 2018
Planet of the Apes (2000) | 2001
Shutter | 2008
The Sitter | 2011
Sommersby | 1993
Splash | 1984
Tombstone | 1993
War | 2007
A Walk in the Woods | 2015
When In Rome | 2010
You Again | 2010

New On Hulu Week of December 3: Crazy Rich Asians And More

The main couple in Crazy Rich Asians.

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

If you’re looking for a comedy that’ll get the whole family laughing, and possibly crying, for the holidays, behold. Crazy Rich Asians will be online in this week’s batch of newcomers, providing plenty of gems from both sides of that coin. Just be ready for people to be saying “Bock bock, bitch” if you happen to be serving a bird at your gathering table. 

The Jingle Bell Jubilee | 2023 - 12/3/23
Mob Land | 2023 - 12/4/23
We Live Here: The Midwest: Documentary Premiere - 12/6/23
A Historia Delas: Complete Season 1  - 12/6/23
Crazy Rich Asians | 2018 - 12/6/23
Snapped: Complete Seasons 16-18  - 12/7/23
I Survived . . . Complete Season 5 - 12/7/23
I Survived a Crime: Complete Season 1 - 12/7/23
The Bling Ring: Special Premiere - 12/7/23
Culprits: Complete Season 1 - 12/8/23
The Mission: Special Premiere - 12/8/23
Proximity | 2020 - 12/8/23
Maestra: Complete Season 1 (SUBBED) - 12/9/23
Meet Me Under the Mistletoe | 2023 - 12/9/23

New On Hulu Week of December 10: The Matrix Resurrections, The Giver, And More

Taylor Swift in The Giver

(Image credit: Walden)

Matrix fans, your patience has been rewarded. The top of the month gave us “The Trilogy,” and now you can watch The Matrix Resurrections alongside that iconic handful of movies. If it’s your first time, or you haven’t seen this one in a while, just remember to keep an open meta mind to what is presented in Lana Wachowski’s mind-bending legacy-quel.

Also, are there any Swifties in the audience? I thought so. This week is not only the week that Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour concert movie goes PVOD, but you can also see one of her earlier film roles in the cinematic adaptation of The Giver. Both are fantastic options to keep yourself busy while anticipating upcoming Taylor Swift projects; especially with Eras having a couple new songs added in.

The Matrix Resurrections | 2021 - 12/10/23
Science Fair: The Series: Complete Season 1  - 12/11/23
Moving: Complete Season 1 (DUBBED)  - 12/13/23
Undead Unluck: Series Premiere (DUBBED)  - 12/13/23
Dragons: The Nine Realms: Complete Season 8 - 12/14/23
Swamp People: Complete Season 14 - 12/14/23
Blue Jean | 2022 - 12/14/23
Higher Power | 2018 - 12/14/23
I Was Possessed: Complete Season 1 - 12/14/23
A Nurse To Die For: Special Premiere - 12/14/23
Top Shot: All-Stars: Complete Season 5 - 12/14/23
Such Brave Girls: Complete Season 1 - 12/15/23
CMA Country Christmas - 12/15/23
2 Days In New York | 2012 - 12/15/23
Alan Partridge | 2013 - 12/15/23
Freakonomics | 2010 - 12/15/23
I Give It A Year | 2013 - 12/15/23
Lemon | 2017 - 12/15/23
Results | 2015 - 12/15/23
The Giver | 2014 - 12/15/23
White God | 2014 - 12/15/23
The Retirement Plan | 2023 - 12/15/23

New On Hulu Week of December 17: Maggie Moore(s), Truck Night In America: Complete Season 1, And More

Tina Fey and Jon Hamm sit down to dinner in Maggie Moore(s).

(Image credit: Redbox Entertainment)

People who have seen Mean Girls’ musical trailer might be in the mood for more Tina Fey and/or Jon Hamm. It’s perfectly natural, and scientifically proven to be a reasonable urge. Which is why we recommend streaming the dark crime comedy Maggie Moore(s), available this week on Hulu. As the frequent collaborators get embroiled in a mystery of conspiracy and mistaken identity, the only fact that makes this movie even more exciting to behold is that it’s directed by Hamm’s Mad Men pally John Slattery. 

Speaking of Tina Fey, Truck Night In America totally sounds like a fake show that would be broadcast on Jack Donaghy’s NBC in the 30 Rock universe. But it’s real, and the series apparently hails from The History Channel. If this is a Forged In Fire style competition, but with trucks being tested instead of weapons, I just might have to watch this one myself.

Dragons of Wonderhatch: Complete Season 1 (SUBBED) - 12/20/23
Woori the Virgin: Complete Season 1 (SUBBED) - 12/20/23
Boom For Real: The Late Teenage Years Of Jean-Michel Basquiat | 2017 - 12/20/23
Horimiya: Season 2 Premiere (DUBBED)  - 12/21/23
Murder In-Law: Complete Season 1 - 12/21/23
Nightwatch: Complete Season 5 - 12/21/23
Truck Night in America: Complete Season 1 - 12/21/23
A View To Kill For: Special Premiere - 12/21/23
Operation Napoleon | 2023 - 12/21/23
Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation: Season 2 Part 1 Premiere (DUBBED)  - 12/22/23
Maggie Moore(s) | 2023 - 12/22/23

New On Hulu Week of December 24: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Letterkenny: Complete Season 12, And More

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Leonardo DiCaprio Brad Pitt

(Image credit: Columbia Pictures)

Congrats, readers! The holidays are upon us, and we can all get merry, fill a stein with some premium drinking material, and kick back for a movie. Funny enough, that’s probably what Rick Dalton would do in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, so why not get cozy and watch Quentin Tarantino’s warmest film yet, on Hulu?

Meanwhile, bittersweet news is afoot as well. It’s time to pitter patter and get at ‘er one last time, as Letterkenny’s Complete Season 12 is also its last. While this blisteringly funny Canadian comedy seems like it could go on forever, I guess choosing your exit is a fitting end to this unique gem. Thanks for the laughs, eh.

Once Upon a Time In Hollywood | 2019 - 12/25/23
Letterkenny: Complete Season 12 - 12/26/23
The Devil is a Part-Timer!: Season 2, Part 2 Premiere (DUBBED)  - 12/26/23
Rewind the '90s: Complete Season 1 - 12/27/23
Raffa: Complete Season 1 (SUBBED) - 12/27/23
Married at First Sight: Complete Season 16 - 12/28/23
An Amish Murder: Special Premiere - 12/28/23
Happy Face Killer: Special Premiere - 12/28/23
It Lives Inside | 2023 - 12/29/23

New On Hulu Available December 31: V/H/S, Zombieland: Double Tap, And More

Hannah Fierman in V/H/S

(Image credit: Magnet Releasing)

The end of any year can be pretty scary, but Hulu seems to be resolved to take that sentiment to the next level. A lot of horror movies are appearing to ring out the old year, including the first three entries to the V/H/S anthologies. 

And if you enjoy those films, be sure to head over to Shudder and catch their exclusive entries, V/H/S ‘94, V/H/S ‘99, and V/H/S ‘85! It’s not all indie horror closing out 2023 though, as the sequel Zombieland: Double Tap is also coming online to gleefully shed some blood in the name of comedy. So leave room for some very scary dessert this New Year’s Eve!

The ABCs Of Death 2 | 2014
The ABCs Of Death | 2012
Bad Milo! | 2013
Honeymoon | 2014
I Saw The Devil | 2010
Jack And Diane | 2012
Marrowbone | 2017
Satanic | 2016
Splinter | 2008
Vanishing On 7th Street | 2010
V/H/S | 2012
V/H/S 2 | 2013
V/H/S: Viral | 2014
XX | 2017
Zombieland: Double Tap | 2019

While all of this Hulu action is exciting, don't forget that titles are subject to change and availability. So you're going to want to check back frequently, to make sure nothing's moved from its rightful place on the schedule. Otherwise, enjoy the streaming world responsibly, and never forget to have this handy guide on hand to help chart the path ahead.

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