Why The Witcher Fans Think Season 3 Will Feature One Of The Books' Most Memorable Battles

geralt and vilgefortz in the witcher season 2
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The Witcher has, thankfully, been filming on Season 3 since early April, meaning that the fantastical drama should be all set for our eager eyes at some point in 2023. While The Witcher Season 2 ending certainly gave fans a lot to mull over, viewers can’t wait to get into the third season, which we have few concrete details about, except that it will be based on The Time of Contempt, the fourth book in Andrzej Sapkowski’s series. But, now, fans of the show believe that Season 3 will feature one of the book franchise’s most memorable battles, because of some photos taken of the set during filming.

What Big Battle Might Be Coming To The Witcher Season 3?

The Witcher showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has already teased that Season 3 will both have “tons of action” over the course of a short period of time, and that we can expect to see “some death.” Both of these things will likely come, at least in part, from the events that lead up to the big battle fans now think is heading to The Witcher Season 3, which is the first fight between Geralt and Vilgefortz. Viewers are now looking forward to this fight because Redanian Intelligence has a collection of images taken of the set during filming, which seem to clearly show Henry Cavill’s Geralt battling it out on a beach with Mahesh Jadu’s highly ranked mage.

Seeing as how we do know that the new season is based on what took place during The Time of Contempt, and that this battle happened in that book, it does seem incredibly likely that the photos taken during filming do show them working on the Geralt / Vilgefortz fight. Now, I’m about to get into some BOOK SPOILERS, so if you want to go into The Witcher Season 3 unaware of potential specifics, you should back away for a little bit.


Alright, so if you haven’t engaged with The Witcher books or video games you will probably be wondering why Geralt has to fight Vilgefortz, especially as the two have had little to no contact with each other by the end of Season 2. Well, as with many things on the Continent, it’s all about political machinations, and in The Time of Contempt the mages of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers have what is supposed to be one of their standard meetings, which turns into a bloody battle between those who support the Northern Kingdoms and those who are down to clown with Nilfgaard. 

Before that fight breaks out, Vilgefortz, who was tasked with starting a coup in the Brotherhood by Emhyr (a.k.a. Ciri’s dad, Duny), told Geralt that if he joined with Nilfgaard he’d be able to stop running and live in peace. But, Geralt wanted to attempt to keep his political neutrality, so he declined. This pissed Vilgefortz off, partially because he’s also hoping to capture the newly fight-ready Ciri, and when he encountered Geralt again as the Thanedd Coup was going on, it led to a fight that’s sure to be added to the list of Geralt’s most intense battles when we see it on screen.


One of the reasons that this fight is so memorable involves not just who comes to blows, but the fact that it sees Geralt sustain very serious injuries that end up impacting him for the rest of his life. So, it seems that fans will get to see how Geralt fares in the face of such difficulties as The Witcher goes on. I suspect there will be a lot of grunting involved, and that Geralt really will need the help of a certain new character should all of this come to pass in the third season.

We have quite a wait yet for The Witcher Season 3, but you can revisit Seasons 1 and 2 with your Netflix subscription

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