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With HBO Max’s Future Uncertain, Harley Quinn Fans Are Already Making Threats

Harley Quinn in her show, voiced by Kaley Cuoco.
(Image credit: HBO Max)

Things have become very uncertain over at HBO Max across the last few days and nobody is quite sure what will happen next. We’ve seen the highly anticipated Batgirl movie canceled (even though filming on the movie was already completed). We’ve also seen shows canceled, and even streaming exclusive programs removed from HBO Max. It’s gotten fans of other programming on HBO Max nervous and in some cases angry, as has happened to some members of the fanbase for Kaley Cuoco's Harley Quinn animated series. 

Harley Quinn is a show featuring more than its share of violence and screaming, and maybe the residual effect of that is why so many fans of the show are already getting upset at the mere idea that something bad could happen? What is confirmed is the idea that Harley Quinn could be canceled or even be removed from HBO Max has certain people on Twitter livid.

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The Harley Quinn series was originally created for the DC Universe streaming service and ran there for two seasons. After that, fans were likely already a bit concerned when DC Universe was folded into the new HBO Max service, but it was eventually confirmed the show would get a third season there. While the show’s popularity has not seemed to slow, currently it's hard for some fans to feel their favorites are safe on HBO Max.

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The purchase of Warner Bros. by Discovery has begun to seal real repercussions just in the last few days. The news that the Batgirl movie had been canceled surprised a lot of people, but was reportedly part of a “strategic shift” regarding the relationship between DC and HBO Max. Of course, since we don’t really know what that means yet, it has to be considered that anything under the DC umbrella that is an HBO Max exclusive could also be strategically shifted out of existence. Still, not every existing DC property is being axed, as we know Peacemaker Season 2 is still happening.

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With additional rumors that animation is also about to see cuts at Warner, I can see how these Harley Quinn fan reactions started. It’s almost certainly true that we haven’t seen the last big change on HBO Max. Some fans are likely going to be disappointed. The only question is: Which shows and movies are going to get the ax before the chopping is done?

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With the news that some shows that were made as exclusives for HBO Max are being removed from the service, there’s the possibility of something even worse happening to Harley Quinn. It’s one thing if the decision is made to stop making new episodes of the show. It will come to an end at some point, that’s inevitable. But it’s something else entirely if fans find themselves unable to watch the episodes that do exist in the future, which is at least theoretically possible. 

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This whole situation is clearly off-putting and there’s so much we don’t know yet. What is clear is that nothing is entirely safe. Anything could happen, so fans of Harley Quinn, and everything else under the WB banner, will be watching very closely in the weeks and months to come.

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