Amid HBO Max Chaos, James Gunn Has A Message To Fans About Peacemaker Season 2

John Cena came to HBO Max as the star of Peacemaker, and the streamer didn't even wait until the end of Season 1 before handing down a renewal for Season 2. Now, some fans are fearful for the future of Cena's character on TV due to some chaos at the streaming service. HBO Max scrapped the Batgirl and Scoob 2 films despite reports that both were nearly completed and tens of millions of dollars had already been spent. Those cancellations felt like potentially the first of many, so naturally, fans wanted to know whether Peacemaker Season 2 is in danger. Creator James Gunn has a message.

The HBO Max chaos was at enough of a fever pitch after the news of Batgirl getting the axe that fans were asking James Gunn for reassurances in response to tweets that were about The Suicide Squad cast rather than the John Cena series. Gunn replied with a short but sweet message on his Twitter account:

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Fans worried about the fate of Peacemaker might have appreciated a few more details out of James Gunn, but confirmation that Season 2 is safe is much better than nothing, and "calm down" is pretty good advice amid all the questions and uncertainty with the future of HBO Max and Warner Bros., as Warner Bros. is ultimately the party that axed Batgirl and Scoob 2

A Warner Bros. spokesperson also issued a statement to explain the decision to cancel the two projects that were already nearly finished, saying that not releasing Batgirl "reflects our leadership's strategic shift as it relates to the DC universe and HBO Max." Gunn's advice to "calm down" suggests that Peacemaker is still part of the strategic plan for the future of the DC universe and HBO streamer. 

DC fans who are invested in the future of The Flash film don't even have as much assurance as a "calm down" tweet. After Batgirl was scrapped, speculation naturally turned to The Flash and Ezra Miller's role in it. The star has been at the center of several controversies, and with an estimated budget of $200 million and original plan for theatrical release, there's more riding on the future of The Flash than on Batgirl

One theory among fans was that the movie would ultimately be sent straight to streaming like Batgirl, but the Leslie Grace movie's cancellation throws a wrench in that line of thinking. Until Warner Bros. and HBO Max shed some more light on plans for the future (and potentially more details on whether Batgirl could ever see the light of day), not a whole lot is guaranteed... except, according to James Gunn, Peacemaker Season 2. After writing all of Season 1 and directing five of the eight episodes, Gunn is expected to write and direct the full second season

Unfortunately, there is no news of when to expect Season 2, but you can always check out our breakdown of Peacemaker Season 1's ending and how it might affect the second season for a refresher on what went down. The superhero show stands as one of HBO Max's best original shows after just one season, so if the wait for more is getting to you, check out our 2022 TV premiere schedule for some upcoming viewing options.

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