Is Ben Affleck Still Retiring From Batman After The Flash? Ezra Miller’s Latest Post Has Me Intrigued

Warner Bros. is constantly expanding its comic book franchise with upcoming DC movies, and there are a number of highly anticipated projects coming this year. Chief among them is Andy Muschietti’s The Flash, which was delayed a number of times on its road to theaters. But is Ben Affleck still retiring from Batman after The Flash? Ezra Miller’s latest post has me intrigued.

Ben Affleck’s relationship to his role as Batman is seemingly a complex one, with plenty of ups and downs. While he originally left the cape and cowl after Justice League’s disappointing performance, he eventually took it back up for Snyder Cut reshoots and a role in The Flash. Ezra Miller’s movie is currently expected to be Affleck’s final bow as the Dark Knight, but the Fantastic Beasts actor’s recent social media post puts that into question. As they recently shared:

Ezra Miller's Instagram Story

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Well, now I’m confused. From what we know it seems like Michael Keaton might become the DCEU’s official Batman in the future, but perhaps there could be more than one. Because if Ezra Miller’s post is to be believed, Ben Affleck could still have more time as Gotham’s Protector ahead of him. Fingers crossed.

The above post comes to us from Ezra Miller’s Instagram story, and is sure to pique the interest of DC fans out there. He took a page out of the Joker’s book, adding “ha ha” all over a news story that claimed Ben Affleck was done with Batman after The Flash. Could Bafleck be involved in more exciting crossovers after all? One could only hope. 

Overall, it really seems Andy Muschietti’s Flash will have a major impact on the great DC Extended Universe. The project is expected to be a film adaption of the Flashpoint comic plot, which sees Barry Allen accidentally create an alternate timeline when trying to save his mother from a tragedy. While it remains to be seen how this plays out, the film’s cast has fans desperate for more footage and information. After all, we’ll be meeting Supergirl throughout it’s runtime.

As previously mentioned, Ben Affleck isn’t the only Batman who will appear alongside Ezra Miller in the Flash movie. The legendary Michael Keaton is stepping back into the cape and cowl, before returning again in Batgirl. It’s unclear how this will work, but audiences are eager for more multiversal action following Spider-Man: No Way Home

It remains to be seen if Ben Affleck ends up playing Batman after the release of The Flash. Fans were thrilled to see the character’s role expanded in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, with Affleck returning for the limited reshoots. Unfortunately, there’s been no indication of Warner Bros. moving forward with a sequel; Snyder reportedly hasn’t heard from the studio since the streaming project was released. 

The Flash is currently set to arrive in theaters on November 4th, 2022. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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