Hugh Jackman Reignited His Feud With Ryan Reynolds Briefly But It Ended In An ‘I Love You’

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Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are clearly the best of friends and part of the way you can tell that is that they never stop giving each other a hard time. Now the pair of Jackman and Reynolds has found something new to fight over, because a new ranking of great performances in superhero movies has placed Hugh Jackman just ahead of Ryan Reynolds, and Jackman is rubbing it in.

The ranking came from Variety and while both Ryan Reynolds' performance in Deadpool and Hugh Jackman’s performance in Logan were ranked in the top 10 among the top 50 superhero performances of the last half century, Jackman is ranked at seven, while Reynolds is ranked eighth. This is something Jackman made sure to point out on Instagram. But Reynolds decided to respond with love. 

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In the grand scheme of things, it’s pretty impressive that both Reynolds and Jackman have given two of the absolute best performances in superhero movies, and I’m not sure anybody would really argue with their top 10 placement. Logan and Deadpool, while certainly very different movies in their own right, and two of the best of the genre without question. 

As far as which one deserves higher placement, it’s probably not too much of a shock that Logan got the nod over Deadpool. Drama always tends to get better notices than comedy, and Logan wasn’t even just one performance, but the culmination of nearly two decades of work. As Jackman pointed out, only one of the movies was really going to work in cinematic black and white.

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In the end, Deadpool may literally have the last laugh. Deadpool 3 is in the early stages of pre-production, with the writing team behind the first two, Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese working on the next Deadpool. The movie also now has a director, the same man who has worked on Ryan Reynolds’ last couple of projects, Shawn Levy, is on board to helm the new Deadpool as well. Hugh Jackman has been one of Deadpool’s favorite comedic targets in the previous films, and we can bet he will be again. Maybe they’ll just make Deadpool 3 in black and white. 

Of course, while Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds love to mess with each other, it’s all done out of what is clearly real affection. Sometimes the two can’t even pretend otherwise. After Reynolds sent Jackman his “I love you” note, Jackman had to respond in kind, and now the two have apparently started a feud over who loves who more.

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These two are guys are just adorable and while I don’t know who really loves who more, I know there area lot of fans that love to see all sides of this friendship.  

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