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Hugh Jackman And Ryan Reynolds Played Nice At The Adam Project Premiere, See Their Sweet Exchange

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in fake feud commercial Aviation Gin and Laughing Man coffee
(Image credit: Hugh Jackman/Twitter)

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds’ feud has become a thing of legend, as the two stars have traded zingers and jabs for years. While the two A-listers have embraced their "frenemy" status, there have been a few truces along the way. Jackman and Reynolds put aside their “feud” just in time for the latter’s latest Netflix release The Adam Project.

The Reminiscence star decided to show up for his frenemy during a big moment. In a rare moment, Jackman and Reynold shared a friendly moment while walking the red-carpet premiere at The Adam Project. The two movie stars took a rare photo together at the event. But it was what took place after Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds shared the sweet moment.

The former co-stars had a sweet exchange after Reynolds posted the red-carpet photo to his Instagram Stories. In a rare moment, Ryan Reynolds posted sweet remarks about the X-Men star. Upon seeing the Free Guy star’s post, Hugh Jackman reposted the image on his Stories. To see the encouraging messages traded between the two actors, look at Jackman’s Instagram Story post below.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds at The Adam Project premiere

(Image credit: Instagram)

The kind words between the frenemies were a nice sight for fans of both actors. Reynolds referring to Jackman as a “friend” proved their feud is as fake as they come. Showing how much of a friend he is, Jackman used his platform to promote The Adam Project. It just showcased how strong the bond was between the former X-Men Origins: Wolverine co-stars.

Being supportive of one another is nothing new for both Hollywood stars. Jackman threw his support behind the Deadpool icon after Reynolds opened up about his lifelong struggle with anxiety for Mental Health Awareness Month last year. Ryan Reynolds reciprocated the gesture by saying the nicest thing about Hugh Jackman despite their fictitious hate. They even paused their “feud” for the chance to bring joy to a young Marvel fan during school pickup. So, they know when to stop the insults and silly passive-aggressive actions for a noble cause.

Of course, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman haven’t stopped their online back-and-forth. The nice exchange and red-carpet moment didn’t quell Jackman from getting in a great zinger at the premiere by joking he wanted a photo with Jennifer Garner instead of Reynolds. That came on the heels of Reynolds sending a hilarious gift – a photo of himself – for the renaissance man’s Music Man Broadway opening. The former co-stars have a nice pull-and-push relationship with a good blend of sweet and hostile moments.

The Adam Project will premiere on Netflix on Mar. 11. The sci-fi film will join Reynolds’ previous hit Red Notice along with other awesome movies on Netflix. The film marks the last one for Ryan Reynolds as he partakes in his acting break. It will be one of the multiple upcoming movies set to make waves this Spring.

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