After Werewolf By Night: 5 Other Marvel Characters I Would Love To See Get A Streaming TV Special

Gael Garcia Bernal in Werewolf by Night
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If I’m being honest, I was a little bit miffed when I heard that the Marvel Cinematic Universe was going to be doing something with the Werewolf By Night character, Jack Russell. And, that’s only because my favorite Marvel character, Moon Knight, debuted in issue number 32 of Werewolf By Night. So, I thought, hey, Disney+, you’re doing it wrong! You were supposed to introduce Werewolf By Night BEFORE Moon Knight. Not after. For posterity’s sake.    

I thought Moon Knight was just fine (I loved and disliked certain aspects), but I can now say that after watching the hour-long Halloween special, Werewolf By Night, that Disney+ definitely wasn’t “doing it wrong” at all. In fact, they were doing it 100% right!    

Now, I won’t spoil anything here about the special in case you still haven’t watched it yet, but I will say that it didn’t go where I expected it to go, and it even featured more obscure Marvel characters than I ever expected to see in the MCU. That’s why I want more TV specials, and by more, I mean a lot more. I really don’t know if I could see Werewolf By Night being a whole, six-episode or more TV show, but I definitely think the hour-long format was perfect for it, and other characters would benefit from this format, as well. So, here are five other Marvel characters that I would love to see get the TV special treatment.   

Cloak and Dagger

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Cloak And Dagger 

It’s not lost on me that Cloak and Dagger was already a Freeform series that ran for two seasons. I watched it. That said, I’m not sure if a lot of other people did, since I rarely hear anybody talk about it. Even so, I wouldn’t want to see a continuation of that series. Instead, I would like to see something similar to what Marvel did with Charlie Cox’s Daredevil in She-Hulk. Or, maybe an even better comparison, since he’s not getting his own upcoming series (as far as we know), would be Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin in Hawkeye, because he only had such a brief appearance.    

Like those actors/characters, I would like to see the same people from Cloak and Dagger return, with Olivia Holt playing Dagger, and Aubrey Joseph playing Cloak. I want them reintroduced (and with different costumes!) to a new audience, who might not even know about the two friends who are stronger together than when they’re apart. I’m not sure what the TV special could be about, but I think it would be great if it was something that could be watched in a single sitting, just like Werewolf By Night. Make it happen, Kevin Feige! Cloak and Dagger rule! 

3-D Man coming atcha!

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3-D Man  

Considered by some to be one of the worst comic book characters in the Marvel universe, 3-D Man’s story is bizarre, and I think perfect for a one-off hour long special. Basically, there are two versions of 3-D Man, one from the ‘50s, which consists of two brothers (one of them being – I kid you not – a 2D image within his brother’s glasses), and the other being a later version named Delroy Garrett, who took on the 3-D Man mantle later on. 

I think a one hour special would be cool with really cheesy 3D effects, and it could kind of be like Moon Knight was with the multiple personalities, though this one could be the two brothers communicating through the special glasses. Believe it or not, because of the Skrull and Kang storylines that 3-D Man inhabits, we just may see a version of the character in the upcoming Marvel’s Secret Invasion or the team-up movie, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. Wouldn’t that be something? But first, if that were to happen, I’d like an introduction to the character(s) in a delightfully tacky one hour special, please.     

X-Men character Emma Frost from Marvel Comics

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Emma Frost 

We’ve already seen Emma Frost before in X-Men: First Class, but I’m talking about the MCU here, and what I would love to see (Once mutants are fully introduced into the MCU, of course) is a one-off about Emma Frost, better known by many as the White Queen. 

Being an extremely strong telepath, and sometimes an adversary to Charles Xavier, one thing I would REALLY love to see is a birth of the Hellfire Club, but in the MCU, and I think a short one-off with Emma Frost at the center of it all, would make for some compelling TV. It could also expand upon the X-Men lore…whenever they finally come to the MCU, that is. 

Blackheart in Ghost Rider

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Ok, so remember when it seemed like every Marvel fan in the world wanted Mephisto in the MCU? Well, I think it’s still possible…through his son, Blackheart, that is. But, here’s where it could get interesting for a hypothetical Blackheart one-shot movie. You see, Blackheart is kind of like a dark version of the Thor story, as Mephisto, like Odin, sent Blackheart to earth to humble him, and I think there would be a cool place to put the character. 

Like Emma Frost, we’ve actually already seen Blackheart (and Mephisto, for that matter) in a Marvel movie, but it was in the abysmal 2007 Ghost Rider film. I would like a cooler, more comic-accurate version of the character, and also one who might encounter Daredevil or Dr. Strange in his little, one-hour adventure. Hell, maybe even introduce a new version of Ghost Rider for all I care. Just make sure Blackheart is the focus. I want a tale told from the bad guy’s perspective.   

Squirrel Girl from Marvel Comics

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Squirrel Girl  

Lastly, I think it would be cool to finally get a live-action version of Squirrel Girl in the MCU. Now, we actually could have had a version of Squirrel Girl already, but the New Warriors TV show she would have appeared in was canceled, and so now, I’m left to just daydream about the quirky character appearing in a one-shot hour long special on Disney+. Life is funny like that.  

I actually think an hour-long special would be best for Squirrel Girl, even though I know the desire would be to give her a series like She-Hulk where she could lean heavily on the comedic side of her character. That said, She-Hulk actually has the whole legal aspect to build a series around, while a series about Squirrel Girl communicating with squirrels on a college campus would probably be best told in a single hour.

Are there any more obscure Marvel characters that you’d like to see get their own streaming TV special? For more news on all things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, make sure to swing by here often. 

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