After Daredevil Showed Up On She-Hulk, Fans Are Thirsting Over Matt Murdock On Twitter

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock in a bar chatting with Jen on She-Hulk
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Spoilers for She-Hulk Episode 8, a.k.a. "Ribbit and Rip it," are ahead!

For the last eight weeks, the discourse around She-Hulk has been mostly fans wondering (and whining) about when Daredevil would show up. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we finally got Matt Murdock in Episode 8 of Marvel’s latest show, and fans are loving, and thirsting, over him. 

For some background, our favorite lawyer from Hell’s Kitchen rolled up to defend a tailor who was being sued by one of Jen Walters' clients. The two went head to head in court, Matt won the case and then they met again at a bar. They bantered and flirted, then Matt gave Jen some great life advice. Then Jen turned to the camera and asked:

We’re all feeling this, right? It’s not just me?

Boy, were we all feeling it. Their chemistry was off the charts! We then saw the two fight the villain together, Matt got his hallway fight, and it ended with the two going back to Jen’s apartment together. That story arc ended with Matt leaving Jen’s apartment the next morning, walk of shame-style. It was iconic, and fans loved it, as these Twitter responses show. 

Starting off with this viewer who brilliantly used the Pope meme that’s been making the rounds this week to highlight Matt’s epic courtroom entrance: 

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If you’ve been watching the Marvel movies in order, and you were a fan of Daredevil during the Netflix days, this appearance must have meant a lot to you. I think this user captured the nostalgia and thirst perfectly with this tweet: 

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We’ve known Daredevil would be showing up in She-Hulk since the first trailer dropped, but we didn’t know how exactly he would be represented. One She-Hulk writer clarified early on that we’d be seeing a lighter version of Matt, and that was 100% true. He smiled multiple times (which was a rare-ish thing on the Netflix show), he made jokes and his last scene with Jen was hilarious. As this fan pointed out, his plot was both hilarious and horny (and the credits captured it perfectly.) 

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Other fans loved Matt flirting with Jen, and made sure to point out that he is just a flirty guy by way of a fun callback to something his partner Foggy Nelson said on the OG show: 

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Sticking with this flirty and thriving vibe, this user posted a hilarious and I’d say thirsty meme: 

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The walk of shame scene was a big point of discussion following Episode 8. People loved it, and lots seemed to adore Daredevil even more after it, like this fan

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To top off this thirsty roundup, I’ll leave you with a tweet of general excitement and love that I think encapsulated lots of fans' feelings: 

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So, there you have it. Daredevil’s triumphant return to the MCU was met with a myriad of thirst tweets, and it was amazing. Luckily, we’ll get to see the vigilante again in upcoming Marvel TV shows, including his own series, Daredevil: Born Again

While we wait for more Matt Murdock, you can check out the 2022 TV schedule for information on the upcoming She-Hulk finale, and you can watch the first eight episodes (and rewatch Episode 8 over and over again) with a Disney+ subscription

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