Marvel’s Secret Invasion Trailer Shows Nick Fury Dealing With Skrull Infiltration

Nick Fury has been an integral component of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since he paid Tony Stark a visit in the Iron Man post-credits scene, and he’s even been a major supporting character in movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain Marvel. Secret Invasion, however, marks the first time that Samuel L. Jackson’s version of the one-eyed spy takes center stage. The Disney+ show is set to debut next year, and the first trailer gives us a taste of Fury having to deal with Skrulls having infiltrated life on Earth, just like what went down in the original Secret Invasion comic book event.

One of the big surprises in 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home was that the Nick Fury who we’d been following along with in the main story was actually the Skrull known as Talos, who we met in Captain Marvel, in disguise. The real Fury was revealed in Far From Home’s post-credits scene to be aboard a Skrull spaceship enjoying some much-needed rest and relaxation, though the update on what happened with Mysterio led to him cutting his vacation short. But as we learn from Maria Hill in the Secret Invasion trailer, Fury’s been avoiding returning to Earth for years, to the point he’s even ignored her calls. So what’s different this time around?

Well, a faction of Skrulls have disguised themselves as humans and spread out amongst society. While the MCU’s adaptation of Secret Invasion doesn’t look like it’ll be a superhero-heavy as its source material, Nick Fury, Maria Hill and Talos certainly won’t be the only familiar faces showing up in this series. For example, in this trailer, Fury is seen meeting with Don Cheadle’s James Rhodes, who is now being accompanied by a security detail. The problem is that Fury is wondering how much Rhodey knows about his guards, i.e. how many of them are Skrulls, if any. We also get a quick peek at Martin Freeman’s Everett K. Ross, who previously appeared in Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther, and will be seen later this year in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

The Secret Invasion trailer doesn’t shed much light on specific plot details, but this preview certainly does a good job giving off a thriller vibe, as this is a situation where it’s harder than ever to trust someone. As far as newcomers go, the Secret Invasion cast includes Kinglsey Ben-Adir, Olivia Colman, Emilia Clarke, Killian Scott, Christopher McDonald, Carmen Ejogo and Dermot Mulroney. Mr. Robot’s Kyle Bradstreet created the series, and the directors attached to the six episodes include Thomas Bezucha and Ali Selim.

Once Secret Invasion has a specific premiere date for 2023, we’ll pass it along. In the meantime, scan through the lineup of upcoming Marvel TV shows to learn what else this superhero franchise is delivering to Disney+ subscribers.

Adam Holmes
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