Harrison Ford Is Seemingly Joining The MCU, And The Internet Has Thoughts About His Thunderbolts Role

Harrison Ford taking over as Thunderbolt Ross .
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Perhaps of all the newly announced upcoming Marvel movies, the one that seems the most intriguing to me is Phase 5’s closer, Thunderbolts. Since the release of Iron Man in 2008, Marvel has been mostly focused on the Heroes of the MCU, but Thunderbolts is looking to change that by being the first Marvel movie that focuses on a team made up mostly of villains and antiheroes. Besides these 6 quick things we know about the Thunderbolts movie, we also know there has been a bit of a snag in the plans for the film, chiefly the passing of General Ross actor William Hurt. 

The villainous team derives its name from General Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross, who has been played in MCU by Hurt since the days of Edward Norton’s take on the Green Goliath back in The Incredible Hulk all the way up through the release of Black Widow. It appears Marvel has solved their Thunderbolts snag because it’s being reported that a new General Ross has been found for Captain America: New World Order, and presumably, the Thunderbolts movie. The actor cast to take over for Hurt was none other than Indiana Jones and Star Wars icon Harrison Ford. Needless to say, fans on Twitter have a lot of thoughts about Fords casting, and a lot of it is poking fun at how little the actor likely cares about fandom:

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If ‘I don't care' was a person, it would be Harrison Ford. One Twitter user shared this hilarious meme, showing how Ford may respond to the first interviewer on the MCU press junket. After all, he's been known to be a delightful curmudgeon while doing press for Star Wars.

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Not going to lie, I could see Harrison responding in this manner. 

Another fan on Twitter hilariously pokes fun at Harrison Ford's known inclination to answer most fandom questions with a prickly response or to completely not care when he gets the lore of his own films wrong. 

Interviewer: “What would Thunderbolt Ross and Han Solo say to each other if they ever met?” Harrison Ford: “I don’t care.”

Another user kept up this same energy by sharing another great meme mocking the Air Force One stars habit of getting basic details of his own movies wrong. Seriously, he does this all the time. Just watch him confuse carbonite with kryptonite and not be phased in the slightest.

The meme hilariously depicts a knock-off Avengers team toy collection made up of almost everything but Avengers characters–spoofing how little Ford probably knows about the team of heroes:

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To be fair, I personally think Buzz Lightyear would make a great addition to the Avengers team. Another Twitter user highlighted the Empire Strikes Back actor’s known disdain for his time in the Star Wars franchise: 

Harrison Ford found a job he's going to hate more than Star Wars at long last

Here’s hoping Harrison enjoys his time in the MCU a bit more than he did his time on Star Wars. Maybe his naturally cranky demeanor will be a great fit for the role of General Ross.

Finally, another fan shared this perfect Matt Murdock meme to Twitter, depicting how Ford may respond when asked the question of what drew him to the MCU: 

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Harrison might not be nerding out about joining the MCU, but the fans sure are! 

If you want to know more about the Thunderbolts team and how they may fit Into the MCU, you can read our article on the topic. You can also get caught up on all the Marvel movies in order by watching them streaming with a Disney+ Subscription

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