Hugh Jackman Had A Two-Word Response When Ryan Reynolds Made His Big Deadpool 3 Announcement

The biggest movie news of the week has to be the fact that not only does Deadpool 3 have an official release date, but Ryan Reynolds has just about the biggest co-star imaginable. Hugh Jackman will return to the role of Wolverine, a role we all thought he was done with. Needless to say fans are flipping out, but the whole vibe of the announcement of Jackman’s involvement was very low-key including when Jackman himself posted the news. 

Hugh Jackman’s Instagram posted the same video that Ryan Reynolds did to make the announcement. Alongside the video were the same two words that Jackman uses in the clip to decide to play Wolverine.

It’s actually the perfect response because viewers who saw this video first wouldn’t actually know what Jackman was specifically referring to until the end. Jackman and Reynolds go at each other so often on social media that seeing the video wouldn’t necessarily make you think anything was up. Jackman saying “Yeah, sure" could just be a sarcastic response to something Reynolds says at the end of the video. And then the reality drops, and you get to lose your mind over the news. 

Ryan Reynolds is something of a entrepreneur as well as an actor and so he of course brought in his other business interests to help promote this news. Maximum Effort, Reynolds marketing company, which was likely at least partially responsible for this video, posted it as well with a note that probably got a lot of fans excited…

This counts as canon

In a follow up video posted by Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman that purported to answer fan questions, but was mostly a joke, the pair did point out that since Logan takes place in the future, Deadpool 3 should not interfere with the events of that film from a continuity standpoint. That, of course, assumes that continuity means anything. This will be a 4th wall breaking Deadpool movie, after all.

Another of Reynolds' business enterprises also commented on the clip. Aviation Gin is actually briefly featured in the video. We see Reynolds filling a Deadpool mug with the stuff, seemingly looking for inspiration for coming up with what Deadpool 3 would actually be. Aviation decided to have some pun fun with the return of Jackman, saying… 

Jacked for this one

The comment probably echoes a lot of fans who are equally jacked for the return of Jackman. Seeing Wolverine and Deadpool together on screen was something fans had wanted. It was something Ryan Reynolds had not been shy about saying he wanted, but we never really believed we’d get it. And while we still need to wait a couple years, it is happening. That’s what I call Maximum Effort.  

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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