Ryan Reynolds And Wife Blake Lively Have Plans To “Pair Deliciously’ Thanks To New Collaboration

For as much as we see Free Guy’s Ryan Reynolds and wife Blake Lively tease each other on social media, it’s hard to believe they’ve only ever been in one movie together. Though that’s on purpose, as the couple likes to balance their respective projects with the duties of family, this snarky duo has found a new way to “pair deliciously.” It’s all thanks to Blake Lively’s new line of mixers known as “Betty Buzz.”

Recently unveiled by Blake Lively herself, Betty Buzz is a line of “sparkling mixers” made to be enjoyed both with or without alcoholic accompaniment. This almost feels like a conspiracy, as Ryan Reynolds had a hand in launching and promoting the Aviation Gin line of alcohol. That shadowy possibility was acknowledged by Reynolds, as he shared Lively’s announcement through Twitter:

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Conspiracy theories aside, having Aviation Gin and Betty Buzz on the market is yet another reminder of just how well Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively work together. The two are practically a couple that could finish each other’s sentences, only each ending would be delightfully snarky and in a good natured sort of way. This big announcement from The Rhythm Section star also came with its own dose of the sort of ribbing you’d expect out of married life.

Allowing Blake Lively to fire the first shot in this round of comedic hijinks, Betty Buzz’s big social media launch called for a caption befitting of the relationship she has with her husband. Seeing as mixers pair with alcohol, and Ryan Reynolds is on the end of the table that deals in booze, the joke pretty much wrote itself. Here’s how Blake Lively poked fun at Reynolds, while avoiding the obvious Green Lantern jokes to do so:

Well, at least it’s not a celebrity alcohol? Meet @BettyBuzz mixers.

Taking the great guy route, Ryan Reynolds played up the bizarre celebrity conspiracy angle, and all was right with the world. Though perhaps this could be counted as further payback after Reynolds’ “apologized” for some fictitious unbecoming behavior when he sold Aviation Gin. Still, now that there’s a mixer in the Reynolds/Lively family, maybe Blake Lively can create a new cocktail for Mother’s Day, just as Ryan Reynolds invented “The Vasectomy.”

In the world of cinema, you’ll next be able to see Blake Lively in The Husband’s Secret, with Dark Days at the Magna Carta presumably still in development at Netflix. Coincidentally, or maybe conspiratorially, Ryan Reynolds’ next film will be seen on Netflix, when Red Notice premieres on November 12. Devoid of any conspiracy whatsoever, and still rocking the box office, Free Guy is still in theaters, and will be on Digital HD September 28th; followed by its physical home video release on October 12.

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