Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Try To Answer Our Burning Deadpool And Wolverine Questions In Hilarious New Video

Is there a more perfect potential pairing in the MCU besides Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman? These two have been teasing each other for years on social media, taking swipes at their respective coffee and gin brands, ridiculing each other’s movies, and basically entertaining fans (and each other) about their superhero endeavors. Following the news that Jackman was going to return to play Wolverine in the upcoming Deadpool 3, Reynolds dropped a new video trying to answer a few questions. And we really do mean “try.” Watch and see.

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Deadpool 3 has to be my new, most-anticipated MCU project out of all of the upcoming Marvel movies. Right? What could be more enticing than these two taking the piss out of EVERYTHING as they collaborate once again on a Deadpool and Wolverine project… which has to be better than the last Wolverine collaboration they did together. Say what you want about X-Men: Origins - Wolverine, but that movie at least gave Ryan Reynolds a decade of comedic material to keep throwing back at Hugh Jackman, as well as into his own Deadpool movies. Like the hysterical moment that he kills his Origins version of Deadpool in the closing credits of Deadpool 2.

And now, these two will be able to conduct an outside-the-box promotional campaign for Deadpool 3, which has a director in Shawn Levy but hasn’t even begun filming yet. Ryan Reynolds has begun his training regimen, sharing pictures of him at the gym to get in shape to play the Merc with the Mouth. And we have seen the production values on the Deadpool franchise expand, going from a relatively lower-budget proof-of-concept movie for the first Fox film, then adding major characters like Cable, Domino and Juggernaut to the mix in Deadpool 2

Bringing Wolverine into the mix is a whole ‘nother level, however. And convincing Hugh Jackman to return to the role that he walked away from following the magnificent Logan is staggering. At least these jokesters did manage to clarify one nerdy timeline question before the pop sensation Wham! Turned up the noise and drowned Reynolds and Jackman out. As many noted, James Mangold included, Wolverine dies at the end of Logan. But Reynolds notes that that movie takes place in 2029, and Deadpool 3 has no intention of messing with the outcome of that movie.

There are other ways that Deadpool 3 can handle Hugh Jackman’s return. There can be a multiverse explanation, similar to the way that Professor Charles Xavier popped up in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, or the two previous Spider-Men appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home. We have a long way to go before we know how Shawn Levy and this team will handle it, as Deadpool 3 now has a release date of September 6, 2024, which is when you will be able to slot it into the running list of Marvel movies in order. If that date holds, we’ll see it then! 

Sean O'Connell
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