Hugh Jackman Shared A Funny Photo With Deadpool, And Creator Rob Liefeld And More Captioned It

It’s been over a week since the big news was announced, but let’s take a moment to let it sink in again: Hugh Jackman is reprising Wolverine for Deadpool 3. For years, the actor said 2017’s Logan would remain his final outing as the popular Marvel Comics character, but he was coaxed out of retirement to don the adamantium claws one more time for a proper team-up with Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson (no, X-Men Origins: Wolverine doesn’t count and you know it) in the upcoming Marvel movie. Now Jackman has shared a funny photo of himself with Deadpool, and many people, including Rob Liefeld, who co-created the Merc with the Mouth with Fabian Nicieza, provided captions for it.

While Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds share a well-known “feud,” it isn’t bad enough that they can’t be in the same room with one another. Case in point, Hugh Jackman shared this throwback photo on Instagram of that time Ryan Reynolds suited up as Deadpool and popped up to visit the Wolverine actor while he was robed up and brushing his teeth. Check it out:

As you an see, Hugh Jackman opened the floor for people to caption this unusual moment, and this was Rob Liefeld’s suggestion:

There is no MCU without you as Wolverine! Period. If X-Men 2000 doesn’t work, none of the rest follows!!!

Rather than go the humorous route, Rob Liefeld praised Hugh Jackman for his contribution to the superhero movies landscape, with his caption being accompanied by raised hands and sword emojis. Liefeld has a point, as X-Men was one of the movies that popularized this genre, which subsequently paved the way for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s creation. Jackman’s Wolverine performance was among X-Men’s most praised elements, and if that movie hadn’t been a hit, there’s certainly a decent chance that Liefeld is right and we would have never gotten the MCU.

It was nice of Rob Liefeld to give Hugh Jackman props for his tenure as Wolverine, but enough sincerity! Let’s go over some of the amusing comments user shared in Jackman’s post, starting with BossLogic, who put together a fun clip earlier this week envisioning how the actor’s Wolverine return could happen:

MaXXXimum Effort

Rather than reference anything Marvel-related, ethan_1511 decided to draw a parallel between this unusual pairing and a real-life scenario that many of you reading have likely dealt with more than once.

When your bestie shows up while you’re still getting ready

For those of you who are fans of Hugh Jackman’s musical work, brett.org_50 captioned the photograph by shooting down a sequel to a certain 2017 movie where he belted out tunes as P.T. Barnum (side note, The Greatest Showman can be streamed with a Disney+ subscription).

‘I know what you’re thinking, and no this isn’t The Greatest Showman 2, so don’t get your hopes up’

Finally, spidey_mom highlighted the fact that Deadpool dropped in on Hugh Jackman while he was practicing proper dental hygiene, which is all the more important when your dentist is… let’s just say permanently unavailable. 

'Good dental care keeps the cavities away… since I accidentally decapitated your dentist'

You can look through Hugh Jackman’s post to see the other caption suggestions, but it’s a nice placeholder as we wait for Wolverine and Deadpool to join forces. Details on how the clawed mutant specifically fits into Deadpool 3 are being kept close to the chest, but Jackman and Reynolds have said that the threequel will not affect the ending of Logan. Still, there are plenty of Marvel questions that Jackman’s Wolverine return raises, and CinemaBlend will share those answers once they come in.

Directed by Shawn Levy and written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, Deadpool 3 hits theaters on September 6, 2024. If you’re looking to pass the time until the next big news drop for this project arrives, read through our guide going over watching the Marvel movies in order.

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